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Shailene Woodley is progressively growing as an actress. If she can just get off that terrible ABCfamily show and stick to these independent roles, she’ll go far. I was first introduced to Woodley in The Descendants, where she holds her own up against the heavy weight that is Clooney. Watching both of these films you can see how diverse of an actress Woodley can be in playing two different eighteen year olds. Watch online The Spectacular Now 2013 movie now!

My biggest problem was the awkward, underwritten dialog. Some scenes were almost painful to watch. I know that the awkwardness was supposed to make the movie more realistic. But if there are teenagers that talk like this, I’ve never known any. The dialog here, especially in some scenes, is more like improvisation than reality. Stream The Spectacular Now (2013) online on Putlocker, Vidxden,

My other problem is that we are initially led to believe Aimee is a serious, bookish, “good” kid. But the way the story develops and the way Shailene Woodley plays the part, Aimee comes across as shallow, giggly, gullible, and immature, not to mention lacking in character. Watch The Spectacular Now Megavideo, The Spectacular Now iwannawatch, Movpod, Daclips, Youku.

I live in Athens, Georgia, the location where this movie was filmed and the hometown of the director, James Ponsoldt. I loved Ponsoldt’s previous movie, Smashed, which by the way featured a stunning performance by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Sutter’s sister in this movie. So I really, really wanted to like Spectacular Now. Torrents downloads links The Spectacular Now full-movie.
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When it comes down to teen angst, if its done well, I have an extreme soft spot. The Spectacular Now soars above all expectations, and shows us some real eighteen year olds, with real problems. Yes this film hits some typical high school moments, buts its delivered with strong performances from the whole young cast.  Search The Spectacular Now putlocker.com full-movie online free in HD quality.