Supervision & Mentoring

I qualified as a supervisor in 2004.  In my supervisor role I aim to build a trusting relationship with my supervisee.  I hope to do this by striving to be open and honest myself, congruent, sharing some of my own experiences whilst staying within the bounds of confidentiality and appropriateness.  

Whilst I both challenge and encourage supervisees to explore their work, looking at intent, interventions and case management - my approach remains person-centred.

I believe there are four elements to supervision and keep them in my awareness during my supervision sessions:-

Case Management:  I hope to enable supervisees to be open and honest about their client work by building trusting relationships with them.  I want to be able to challenge, when necessary, and to encourage supervisees to explore and address any issues with me.

Support and Training:  I can assist with exploring and identifying training needs, locating appropriate courses and workshops, supporting with accreditation and supporting novice counsellors with their course work – some of this can fall under my mentoring umbrella. 

Therapeutic presence:  I feel there is a place for a therapeutic presence within the supervision relationship, when needed.  I remain aware that if supervisees therapeutic needs begin to overtake our sessions, I will encourage them to seek therapy for themselves. 

My approach to supervision is Person-Centred.  I have also gained a  varied experience of working with therapists from other approaches and am happy to continue to do so. 

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