Questions & Answers

What sort of problems could I explore?
Whatever you need to - that might be something about -

Feeling stressed or anxious, unhappy or confused
Relationship and family problems
Dealing with difficult events
Bereavement and loss
Addiction issues
Abuse of any kind
Feeling isolated, lonely and unfulfilled
Problems at work or school
Sexuality issues
Needing to talk over present or past experiences to lay them to rest

- or something quite different - that's up to you.

How can I do this?
By talking things through with a counsellor, you can reach your own decisions and solutions, and work through your problems in a safe space.
Will the Counsellor repeat what I say to anybody?
No, it’s a confidential service.
How will I know if counselling is suitable to me?
The first consultation session is an opportunity to decide together whether counselling is right for you.
How long will it take?
Each session will last 50 minutes.
How many sessions will I need?
That’s for you to decide. You can discuss this with your counsellor and arrange as many or as few as you like. 

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