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Two Jewish


and the

triple moon god



Be warned, as some people have complained, that much of this book is not about Muhammad and Islam at all, but narratives and speculations. Islam is a species of idolatry and you have to start putting it into perspective, which is seldom attempted. But in doing a revision I did cut down on the side tours.


I left the first part where I relate the history the Jews had with Muhammad as it was after writing a different book, a semi-fictional account entitled “KHAIBAR: The Assassination Of Muhammad.” There are no sources quoted there and here there are.


I am not a scholar, and make no pretension at claiming that, rather a journalist. My goal here as always is to deliver food for thought.




1/ The Fetish Of Stones

2/ The Birth Of Ballyhoo

3/ Who Ordered The Wife-Beating?

4/ A Tale Of Two Shamans

5/ The Triple Moon God

6/ The Sun God Is Always With Us

7/ Islam Comes To India

8/ Islam Comes To Africa

9/ Aristotle And Slavery

10/ Darwin And Genocide

11/ The Next On The List: Israel