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Books By Dov Ivry

Main topic: Why Israel loves Trump                               

With Trump on the job, Armageddon is on hold

Main topic: Time for an encore                               

Only one sex has yet to succeed in managing civilization


Main topic: Double trouble                               

Who was that masked man?

Main topic: Political hit                               

Investigation, when?

Main topic: Zionism

It's now 50 years. Proclaim liberty throughout the land

Main topic: Beauties and the beasts

Four heroines for the ages

Main topic: Ex-CIA Chief Assassination

Why was this death not investigated?                                                               

Main topic: MAGA

Ain't we got fun!?

Main topic: Destiny

The negation of a curse is a blessing.


Main topic: Sex Slaves

First they raped little girls, then they raped the justice system.

Main topic: Murder

Bill + Hill = Kill  

Main topic: JFK Assassination                                             

           Oswald was innocent. Revenge was the motive.        


Main topic: Christianity

Why this religion is a four-letter word.

Main topic: Muhammad

Rap sheet of Public Enemy No. 1.

Main topic: New Brunswick

Kouchibouguac. Chignecto. Moosehead.


Main topic: The Donald

Living in the love of the common people.

Main topic: Origins

Them old cotton fields back home.

Main topic: Saudis

When is 'top secret' simply a cover-up?

Main topic: Science Fiction

To fill the time, stranded spaceship in Siberia took up hockey, and then ...

Main topic: Islam

Speech is civilization.

Main topic: Origins

The time to do this was yesterday.

Main topic: The EU

The darkest continent.

Main topic: Anti-Semitism

With friends like this, you don't need enemies.

Main topic: Defamation

Kangaroo Court

Main topic: Scofflaw

The enemy of my friend is my enemy.

Main topic: Israel  

Why isn't ex-minister Buji Herzog in prison?

Main Topic: Next Exile 

Israel's lease on its land is up in the year 2118.


Main topic: Islam

If the meteorite hadn't landed, there'd be no Islam

Main topic: Anti-Semitism 

Apartheid? Let's talk of millions of black African boys that the Arabs castrate


Main topic: Superheroes

They were not Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Junior Marvel but they saved Israel.

Main topic: Creation

‘No elementary phenomenon is a phenomenon unless it is an observed phenomenon.'

Main topic: Labyrinth

Calamity leaves a calling card.

Main topic: The Gods

They at least take themselves seriously.

Main topic: Fiction 

And then I said to the angel-in-chief ...

Main topic: Christianity

In Israel and India they call him by his original name in Hindi: Yeshu.

 Main topic: Christianity

After you delete the factual errors there's virtually nothing left.

Main topic: Fiction

What this planet sorely lacks are barbarians.

  Main topic: Historical Fiction

How Zainab snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat.  


Main topic: Fiction
Don't tread on me
Site pages on the books
              Trump, Israel, And The Ayatollah Fruit Loops

              How Women, Not Feminists, Can Take Over The World

              Oswald And The Doppelgangers

             The Murder Of Seth Rich: A Symposium
   Judea And Samaria: It's Time To Annex

   Femmes Fatales: The Assassins Of Muhammad, Marat, Lenin, JF

   Tippecanoe And Colby Too: The Murder Of A CIA  Director


   Curse Of The Atchiconchika Tribe Hovers Over US Election


   Vince Foster And The Hildabeast

   Who Killed JFK? -- Cherchez La Femme

   DREK: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About   Christianity (But Were Afraid To Ask)

   SuperPsycho: The Life And Crimes Of Muhammad


                              Slices Of Life In New Brunswick, Canada 1979-19
                                           TRUMP, SHALOM: Israel's Best Bet


            Moses Was A Black African  & The Jews Came Out Of


   Dumb & Dumber And The Saudis On 9/11


                     Hitler, Stalin, Muhammad: Who ranks as the most evil human ever?

            Earthlings Vs. Andromedans: Stanley Cup 2041

  Hitler, Stalin, Muhammad: Who ranks as the most evil human ever?

  Why Israel Should Quit The UN


  About The EU's 35 Synagogues Destroyed Rule

  Pickos Of The Sickos: Anti-Semites Among The Jews

 Injustice Hits Rock Bottom Down Under: The Vakras Case

In Defence Of Lee Harvey's Girl -- London Prize Ring Rules Apply

My life in hell -- a Canadian who moved to Israel

Prolegomena To The Space Exile Of The Jews

Two Jewish heroines and the triple moon god

The Words Of Anti-Semites & Kindred Idiots: An Idioticon

The Real Mr. Spock: His Name Was Calev

Commentary On Genesis Without Smidgen Of Religion

Thrice Labyrinth, Thrice Doom: Israel In A Nutshell

Interviews With 3 Gods. Why Not?

No Smoking? Up Yours -- Take Heaven And Stuff It

The Jesus Myth: A Quick Study

The New Testament Sliced And Diced

The Pink Swastika: An Immorality Play As Sci-Fi Novel

KHAIBAR: The Assassination of Muhammad

         The Great Muhammad Cartoon Drawing Contest At The Ella Ech! Bar

Other subjects

Here's a page on the Asteroids. Back in 1958 we made a record. Music historians now tell us ours was the first rock n' roll record made in Canada.

Times Of Israel blog

I do blogs occasionally at the Times of Israel. Here are some of the later ones.

Hammarskjöld -- Whodunit? Not The Guy In the Movie

Are Democrats Crazy?

UN Resolution 1701 -- Scam Of The Century

On Kosovo And Seth Rich

Kavanaugh Sabotaged Vince Foster Probe


About the author
I am from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, now resident in Israel. I am a journalist by trade.


Indie Author Land is a site that features new books accompanied by interviews with their authors. I've now done an interview on my book "The New Testament Sliced And Diced."

You'll find it here. 

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