Welcome to the Research - Improving effectiveness in eLearning using HCI(Human Computer Interaction)

eLearning has being in the world  for decades. Our universities and institutions are using it mostly for uploading and downloading contents such as video,audio, ppt,pdf, very few of them use the forums, chats, quizzes. This culture of eLearning should change, not only in Sri Lanka, but also the in the world. People (Human nature) are demanding more from eLearning.

Why there are some negative views of eLearning? Simply because introducing eLearning need application of proper  methods and techniques to a givencontext. It is important  to sustain the interest of the learner/users while using eLearning for their educational purposes.To sustain the interest there should be more interactions or engagements and collaborations involve in the eLearning.

My research will be to discover every means to improve the effectiveness in eLearning. It will cover online education pedagogues and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) methods for eLearning.

It is my passion and I see the future, not only in universities but also Kindergarten to Grade 12 will be engaging eLearning as the world is getting more virtualized.

We must be prepared to handle the human needs by understanding our psychology to ensure learning goals have met or rather improved more than just as it was in face to face class.

So in summery- Find a solution to improve effectiveness in eLearning by introducing methods from HCI.

This site contains comprehensive detail about my MPhill research. at University of Moratuwa under the  supervision by Dr.Shantha Fernando and Dr. Indika Perera. If you have any problems or queries please contact me on

 Dilrukshi Gamage - dilrukshi.gamage@gmail.com. Supervisor - Dr.Shantha Fernando
 Co- Supervisor- Dr.Indika Perera

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