Aaron Agius              

Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree in 3D design from James Cook University in 1998.
Bachelor of Education from Central Queensland University in 2001.

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I am currently employed the Acting Principal, Senior Teacher and Curriculum developer for the Bungara School set up as an alternative school by the Salvation Army in Bundaberg for disengaged boys who have been rejected by mainstream education.  Before this I did a six month contract as HOD of Arts at Kepnock Highschool in Bundaberg and for the two years before that I have taught  Design and Technology and Art at Yarrabah Junior Secondary School outside of Cairns.  I also lecture and mark assessments for Education subjects at James Cook University focusing on Design Thinking and New Technologies in Education.  

I have been working with companies like Nadeo to gain corporate sponsorship and get software gifted to the school I work at to use multiplayer LAN gaming for education.  

I also do 3D printing and make modified equipment for the Dental Department at James Cook University.

In 2013 I presented at the Edmund Rice Education Australia organisation national conference in Brisbane, talking about game mods, Autodesk apps and 3D printing in education.

I was employed in 2012 to complete two Federally funded contracts to create interactive educational resources for indigenous adult education around medical language and protocols and small business development.

Attained Autodesk Certified Instructor Status 2011.  Autodesk  ACI (Autodesk Certified Instructor Program)
Being a certified instructor makes it possible to create industry approved curriculum using Autodesk software.

I have taught for over 10 years , from 2006-2011, exclusively in the use of technology, endeavouring to find innovative and engaging ways to use Information and Communications Technologies to enhance and facilitate learning for students.  I was asked to guest lecture to James Cook University education students in 2011 on the creative use of Information and Communication Technologies in classroom practice and this has led to the ongoing work I do for them now.

I have an interest in developing elearning resources and finding new ways to engage students and deliver flexible, self paced, motivating and useful education.

See some older examples of video tutorials created here.

Here is a class working with tutorials (note how the delivery system allows them all to be at different levels with no problem)

I am able to work using 3ds max, Photoshop, Flash, illustrator and After Effects, I can also use sound recording, editing, manipulation and creation software and  sampling equipment to design soundtracks and manipulate audio environments.  
I own commercial licences for 3ds Max and Adobe Production Suite and Creative Cloud.