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Roman Cordless Shades

roman cordless shades
  • (of an electrical appliance or telephone) Working without connection to a main supply or central unit
  • not having a cord; "cordless telephone"
  • The term cordless literally means without a cord and is generally used to refer to electrical or electronic devices that are powered by a battery or battery pack and can operate without a power cord or cable attached to a fixed electricity supply such as an outlet, generator, or other
  • A type of phone where the handset is not connected to a device by a cord, allowing the user to move about while placing or receiving a call.
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roman cordless shades - 23" x
23" x 72" Machine Washable Cord-Free Insulated Roman Shade
23" x 72" Machine Washable Cord-Free Insulated Roman Shade
23" x 72" Machine Washable Cord-Free Insulated Roman Shade. Take the worry out of window treatments. Our kid-safe Cord-Free Insulated Blackout Roman Shades have no cords to tangle. Plus, they're insulated and energy-efficient to save you money. Mounting hardware included. Evenly raise and lower shade without dangerous cords Easy cleaning and allergen reduction with removable fabric panels Exclusive mount design minimizes light gap and maximizes insulation Blackout effect is great for bedrooms Available Colors Chocolate Khaki

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Questo e un telefono cordless. Tutti i telefoni e tutti i cellulari hanno un tasto verde, con la cornetta rivolta verso l'alto, x aprire ed avviare la chiamata e un tasto rasso, con la cornetta rivolta verso il basso, per chiudere la chiamata. Questo cordless invece ha solo il tasto verde che serve sia per avviare la chiamata che per chiuderla. Cosi credo che siano stati violati i principi sia della visibility (il tasto verde non mi suggerisce che per chiudere la chiamata lo devo premere!) sia del mapping perche il suo azionamento e il risultato che ne deriva sono chiari solo nel momento in cui devo far partire la telefonata e non quando devo bloccarla!! claudia pecorari ium
Cordless Campaign / GSR 14,4/18-2-LI & GSB 14,4/18-2-LI
Cordless Campaign / GSR 14,4/18-2-LI & GSB 14,4/18-2-LI
The Bosch Cordless GSR 14.4/18V-2-Li Professional drill/drivers are the lightest cordless drill drivers in their class!

roman cordless shades
roman cordless shades
Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster 15.6-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vacuum
The Black & Decker CHV1510 15.6-Volt Cordless Hand Vac has 50% more reach than the previous Dustbuster design for less bending and better accessibility. Lightweight and portable for quick clean-ups! The rotating, slim nozzle targets dirt in tight spaces. Brush and crevice tool accessories are located on-board so there are no loose items to misplace. The wide mouth design means this vac can effortlessly scoop up large debris. Cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter so suction power stays strong. A Translucent, bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to see dirt and easy to empty. Removable, washable dirt bowl and filters allow for a thorough, hygienic cleaning. It uses a 3 stage filtration system that means less clogging and cleaner air exhaust. I can be stored in 3 versatile ways: horizontally, vertically, or mount on a wall. It has a charging indicator light that allows you to always know you have a good connection. The Energy Star approved charging system saves energy and helps protect batteries.