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exterior shutters houston
    exterior shutters
  • Shutters constructed for use on the outside of a building or structure. Exterior shutters are generally built from materials that naturally withstand the outdoor environment.
  • Designed specifically for outdoor use.
  • Often decorative panels fitted to the exterior of a house
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Yep, it's that time of year... when the HOA architectural board points out every little thing marginally wrong with your house. I guess this means they didn't like my DIY paint job because they want me to have it all repainted. That's right, I got up on that ladder and slapped some paint on the shutters a couple years ago. I'm complying now because I know they'll be back next year with a longer list of violations if I don't. I'm convinced there's a conspiracy between HOAs and local contractors...
Exterior - Shutter Project
Exterior - Shutter Project
I only got so far on taking the old shutters down when I stumbled upon an acitve wasp/hornet nest. I quickly made it down the ladder. Almost too quickly. I need to buy more wasp killer spray.

exterior shutters houston