Sending Bulk SMS Through Excel Plugin

When you need to send SMS directly from your Excel sheet where details are stored in different columns, MSG91 Bulk SMS Excel plugin makes your job easy. You can create your SMS by merging various columns in the Excel sheet. MSG91s Excel SMS Plugin permits you to deliver customized messages to every recipient. On the basis of your operating system and service pack, you may need to have .Net Framework, Net Framework 4.0 (not required for Windows Vista and Windows 7) and VSTO Run-time (only required for Office 2007 users).

Bulk SMS through Excel plugin makes the task of sending Bulk SMS very simple for users. SMS-Excel Plugin consistently integrates with Microsoft Excel and allows you to send Transactional SMS to mobile phones all over India from your system using Microsoft Excel.

This Plugin provides you with unequaled convenience by permitting users to send customized messages to their recipients. For instance, if a bank wants to intimate its customers about payment of interest on a loan, it can send customized bulk SMS by indicating the name of every recipient with his or her payment due date. For instance, the message will be like - "Dear Pradeep, you have to pay the interest of Rs. 2033 and the due date is 5th August, 2012."

Bulk SMS from Excel is a useful tool to any organization whether it is a school, a financial institution, or a stock broker. They can send customized messages to a large number of customers. Furthermore, you can simply carry your customers' details in MS-Excel and send SMS to the customers from anywhere, anytime. You justĀ  require a computer with Internet connection and SMS-Excel plugin incorporated into MS-Excel.