2dEmu is a Nintendo 2DS Emulator for Windows

2dEmu is the best Nintendo 2DS emulator.

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– Good emulation speed.– Full sound support.– No Joystick support, only keyboard.– Autosave with autodetect type.– Save states.– Rotate screen function (90,180 and 270 degrees).– BMP screenshot capture.– Built-in disassembler.

Source Code is available for download. below:Download 2dEmu

To download 2dEmu, click on the download button below:Release notesgeneral

– Added GDB debugger stub– Added new/different GBAMP CFlash image reader/writergpu

– Major speedup to the 2D coregtk-glade

– Added command line options.– Added FPS limitercli

– Added command line options.– Added FPS limiter– Added option to use OpenGl to render window (allows resizing).windows port

– Added command line options.– Added multiple language support– Added Danish language translation2DS Console ReviewUnpacking and handlingThe first thing that strikes when one grasps the Nintendo 2DS is his side “cheap” plastic. A seemingly feel wanted by Nintendo . It is not intended for adult players. It’s just the opposite. The Nintendo 2DS really thought for young players, stripped of almost all moving parts that could break easily.

The one-piece format 2DS a few surprises as it is the opposite of the last clamshell models of Nintendo. That said, with its rounded each corner, it fits comfortably in the hands. It is light (about 280 grams) and retains the same buttons as locations on both versions of the 3DS.

The main differences come from the position of the Start and Select buttons and one of the only speaker for sound. The latter now seems to miss terrain. Everything else is there.

The screen size is the same as on the original 3DS but evidently, the buttons are now placed near the top screen and not the touch screen at the bottom. This requires a small adjustment period, especially if you were accustomed to their position on the 3DS.

The Nintendo 2DS is a small comprehensive console that lacks only the ability to display 3D images. This missing feature, one could imagine an improvement in the battery life, but this is unfortunately not the case. On the few days of testing, no gain on the side of the battery was found. However, it is not worse than the 3DS XL, autonomy always about 3 to 5 hours.

The Nintendo 2DS address is not in no case to older players or adults. However, this is probably the perfect object to allow a child to experience video games.

The price of this gaming console remains correct and the long list of compatible games is more than enough for all users. Greater autonomy would however welcome.

Download the 2ds Emu here: