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Our budget was $10,000.  Total expenses were almost exactly that number, calculated as follows:

  • Ceremony (rabbi, synagogue, marriage license, waiver of three-day waiting period, chuppah, ketubah, decorations, glass for breaking, mezuzah from shards of wedding glass)
  • Attire (dresses, alterations, undergarments, shoes, jewelry, opera gloves, purse, garters)
  • Ring (the one I bought for NotFroofy; she gave me one she inherited from her grandmother)
  • Reception (venue rental, food, open bar, centerpieces, plates, flatware, glasses, dancing shoes, uplighting, paper lanterns)
  • Hair and make-up (once for both of us for the ceremony and luncheon, and again for both of us for the at-home reception)
  • Flowers (bouquets, bout, freeze-dried rose petals)
  • Photography (professional photographer for ceremony, supplies for DIY fauxtobooth at reception)
  • Accommodations (for us for one night so we could get the marriage license and the waiver of the three-day waiting period, and for us and all our guests for the night before the wedding and the wedding night)
  • Stationery (invitations, programs, photo sharing cards, postage)