We were not terribly concerned about having pictures of either the luncheon after the ceremony, or the at-home reception.  In both instances, we were willing to rely on friends with digital cameras to take photos and upload them to our photo sharing site.  However, we did want to make sure that we had good pictures of the ceremony itself, plus photos of all our ceremony guests.

We found Bill Bray of Portrait New England via the Boston Craigslist.  He was one of two photographers we considered.  We liked the photos on his site.  When we contacted him, it turned out that he was going to be coming to the DC area for a sightseeing trip with his family, so we got to interview him without having to travel to Boston.  When we met with him, we liked the album he showed us, and his attitude toward his work, and decided to hire him.

We loved the work he did.  Indeed, one of his photos, shown above, was selected by the Science Museum (London) for its permanent display.  It was one of fifty photographs selected for a portion of the "Who Am I?" gallery called "Coupling Up," dealing with the "science of attraction."

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