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My Veil, Symphony Bridal 3000VL

My veil was a fingertip ivory veil. I loved the edging on it! It started out as a one-tier veil. However, Estee Livioco made a blusher veil for it. We originally intended to have the blusher down as we walked up the aisle, but we forgot. However, the blusher layer gave a little more fullness to the veil.

Before buying this veil, I had tried buying a veil from eBay seller Enchantment 4 All.  The veil I received was very poorly made. The fabric was so stiff that it did not drape properly, and it looked cheap.  Enchantment 4 All was listed as a US seller.  However, when I asked for a refund, they told me I had to send the item back to an address in Canada, which increased the shipping costs. I sent the veil back to the address they gave.   However, every time I would ask about a refund, they would say they had not yet received the veil. They waited until the time for filing a claim through eBay ran out, and then stopped responding to my e-mails at all.

NotFroofy's Veil, David's Bridal 595

Ellalyne of La Bella Bridal suggested that NotFroofy have a shorter veil than mine.  Since NotFroofy is shorter than I am, this would mean that our veils would end at the same distance from the floor.  The one she got was a two-tier veil, and the edging coordinated with mine.  Although NotFroofy originally intended to wear one of the layers over her face as she went down the aisle, she forgot.

Headbands, eBay seller my-jewels

NotFroofy and I got identical headbands. We didn't want full-blown tiaras.  However, we wanted something to help stabilize our veils to keep them in place.  Estee Livioco sewed each headband onto the corresponding veil.