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Undergarments and Garters

Garters - Trent Valley Mercantile

We found these garters on eBay from seller Trent Valley Mercantile.  She has a large collection of both regular and plus-sized garters.  We got these two as a set, with one intended as the garter for throwing and one as the souvenir garter.  However, since we weren't doing a garter toss, I wore one of them and NotFroofy wore the other.

My Bra - Dominique style 8950 Longline Strapless Smooth Torsolette Wedding Bra

I got lucky on this one!  While I was in the Salvation Army looking for something else, I found a bra that was in my size, and appeared to be unused.  It worked beautifully with my dress.

Spanx Higher Power

I had seen these recommended on several wedding message boards.  Because they go up to the bustline, they do not produce an obvious panty line.  And they definitely smoothed the abdominal area.

David's Bridal Style 603 Crinoline

When I checked on eBay for crinolines, the new ones all seemed to be from Chinese sellers, and to claim they would fit a wide variety of sizes.  I was a bit concerned that the extra material necessary to fit a waist twice as big as mine would actually increase the apparent size of my waist.  However, I found this one used on eBay.  It was my size, and had a "Power Net Waist" that was slimming.  And the puffiness of the crinoline made it look like the extra size below my waist was just the crinoline, not my abdomen.

NotFroofy's Bra - Le Mystere Bridal Seduction Bustier Bra 2355

After seeing recommendations of the Le Mystere bras in several places, I found this one on eBay, new with tags, for NotFroofy.  She said that it was both comfortable and supportive.