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My Ring

NotFroofy inherited the ring she gave me (the one on the right) from her grandmother.  NotFroofy's grandmother was a socialist, and a bit of a rebel. She got married a day before her husband went off to India with British forces. In those days, her employer did not allow married women to continue employment, and she had several younger siblings to support. She and her husband got a special license to allow the wedding to be performed without the usual waiting period and to be kept secret. In the early part of her marriage, the only time she could wear her wedding ring was on walks on Sundays with her mother, so that her employer would not find out about it. Someone eventually made an anonymous report to her employer about her marriage. At that point, her employer made a special exception to its rules to permit her to go on working until her husband's return. Thus, her ring has not only family significance, but a connection to another wedding that was "forbidden" in its time but ended up lasting until the death of one of the parties.

Amusingly, after NotFroofy's grandfather's death, NotFroofy's grandmother made reference to next time, marrying "a nice sensible woman." I'm not sure whether I qualify as "sensible," but I like the idea.

NotFroofy's Ring

I wanted to get NotFroofy a matching ring. When we went to a local jeweler, we learned that NotFroofy's grandmother's ring is 22 karat gold, which is pretty much unknown in this country. However, I went online and was able to find a similar ring (the one on the left) at eBay UK. It is very slightly thicker and wider than NotFroofy's grandmother's ring, but identical in color, and just NotFroofy's size. She loves it.