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Hair and Make-Up

With two brides each needing hair and make-up done twice (once for the ceremony and luncheon in Massachusetts, and once for the at-home reception back in DC), we definitely had to find a way to economize on hair and make-up.  Fortunately, we managed to find people through Craigslist in both places that did a good job at very reasonable rates.

Jenn, Massachusetts Hair and Make-up

Jenn was willing to come to the synagogue to do hair and make-up, even though there were just two of us needing it. She came up with elegant styles for both NotFroofy and me, at an extremely reasonable price.  Above is a picture of NotFroofy's hair as she did it.  The only minor issue we had was that she got caught in traffic and arrived a half hour late, which in turn caused our ceremony to start late.

Unfortunately, Jenn does not appear to have a website.  However, her e-mail is, or she can be reached by phone at (781) 266-8663.

Nena's Special Occasions Hair and Make-Up, Washington, DC Hair and Make-Up

Nena came to the club where we held our reception to do our hair and make-up.  She arrived promptly, and did a great job on both of us.  Above is a picture of NotFroofy's hair, as she did it for the reception.