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Bridal Bouquets

One of the challenges of planning a wedding from far away was how to order our flowers.  We were obviously not in a position to walk into a florist in Winchester, MA, and point out which flowers we wanted.

We therefore tried to figure out whether any of the national flower delivery services would do wedding flowers.  It turned out the Teleflora does.  Unfortunately, a) they do not list what wedding flowers are available on the Teleflora site, and b) there is no central number to call to place an order for Teleflora wedding flowers.

However, many of the individual Teleflora florists show what the available bouquets, etc. are on their own sites. For example, here is a wedding flowers page from a local Teleflora florist.

As you can see, when you look at the individual bouquets, each one has a code. For example, we both liked a rose arm bouquet that had the code TW16-2.  (NotFroofy felt like an arm bouquet looked more natural than a traditional bridal bouquet.) If you call any Teleflora florist and ask for a TW16-2 bouquet, they will know what you are talking about and can give you a price on it.

We then looked up the local Teleflora florist in Winchester, MA, which turned out to be Pondview Florist.  Diane of Pondview Florist made things very easy on us. She understood our concept, and said she could do it for us. She was willing to quote prices (which turned out to be quite reasonable), without trying to talk us into items we did not want. She was able to make suggestions about how this bouquet would go with the rest of our wedding colors, and how to integrate it with the maid of honor's bouquet and the boutonnierre for the "dude of honor."

Here is the bouquet we selected, a rose arm bouquet with peach roses, snowberry, seeded eucalyptus and plumsous:

And here are our actual bouquets

The two bridal bouquets were identical, except that they were set up so NotFroofy carried hers on her left arm, and I carried mine on my right.

Maid of Honor Bouquet

This was a more traditional bouquet and was much smaller than ours, but was made with the same flowers and greenery as our bouquets.

Dude of Honor's Boutonniere

Again, the same flowers and greens were used, but in a considerably smaller version.

As you can see, the actual flowers were considerably more pink than the picture from which we ordered.  However, they worked well with our color scheme anyway, so this did not bother us. A few of the flowers in our bouquets seemed like they were just a little beyond their peak, but nothing was seriously wilted.