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Opera Gloves

NotFroofy and I wanted to wear opera gloves.  We looked for ones that had a three-button opening at the wrist ("mousquetaire"), so that just the hand part could be removed for eating or the ring ceremony while leaving the rest of the glove in place.  We actually bought several pair before we found these Carolina Amato silk ones from Perfect Details that really looked good with our outfits.

Ironically, in the end, we decided not to remove our gloves for the ring ceremony.  The gloves were thin enough so that we could just slip the rings over them.


I was delighted to find comfortable flat shoes that fit my size 11AAAA feet, and still looked bridal.  These came from elinor44 on eBay.

However, the shoes that really stole the show were NotFroofy's 1980s vintage Stuart Weitzman raw silk and lace boots, found nearly unused on eBay.