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We found a kit for a candle centerpiece online that both of us liked:

However, the cost was more than we could afford, so we decided to see if we could recreate it.  We found the 11½" gold pedestal votive holders are Save-On-Crafts:

For most of the centerpieces, we also used 6" Round Mirrors from Save-On-Crafts.  However, for a few of the larger tables we used 10" beveled round mirrors from Oriental Trading.

We found clear and gold acrylic diamonds from eBay seller Ling's Moment,   (We also tried getting them from eBay seller wedding200988, but discovered that the "gold" diamonds were really more orange, and did not go with the rest of our color scheme.)

We found a pack of forty-eight 2½" ivory rosebud floating candles on eBay.

Because the centerpieces were fairly small, we filled them out by sprinkling freeze-dried rose petals around them.  The least expensive source we found for the rose petals was Flyboy Naturals.  We originally bought 50 cups of petals from them.  Even after using the petals for the nine guest tables at our wedding, plus on the cake and around the cake on the table, we still had about half of them left, so we resold those after the wedding.

The total cost for each of the centerpieces ended up being $7.50--considerably less than we would have spent for even the least expensive of floral centerpieces.