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Lapel Wireless Microphones

lapel wireless microphones
    wireless microphones
  • A wireless microphone, as the name implies, is a microphone without a physical cable connecting it directly to the sound recording or amplifying equipment with which it is associated.
  • (Wireless Microphone) A system that transmits audio signals over the air, rather than through microphone cables. The mic is attached to a small transmitter, and the signals are received by a small receiver connected to the VTR or camera.
  • Each of the two triangular pieces of cloth on a suit which are folded back below the throat, leaving a triangular opening between
  • The part on each side of a coat or jacket immediately below the collar that is folded back on either side of the front opening
  • lap at the front of a coat; continuation of the coat collar
  • Jacket lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket or coat, and are most commonly found on formal clothing and suit jackets.

D365 Day 16 (8.10.11)
D365 Day 16 (8.10.11)
This is the wireless lapel microphone we bought from Radio Shack to be able to hear J's Dexcom alarms at night. We put it in the plastic box because the Dex vibrates and it makes a much louder noise when it vibrates in the plastic box and causes it to rattle. We tried a couple of baby monitors, but they created feedback so we moved to the wireless mic and it works well for us. This is part of J's nighttime life support system. The Pump, the Dexcom and me. I hope that one day we will have an Artificial Pancreas so I won't have to get up so many times at night.
Hisonic HS8100 Lapel Mic with Transmitter
Hisonic HS8100 Lapel Mic with Transmitter
Lapel Microphone and Transmitter for HS8100. System comes with 4 lapel microphones and 4 transmitters.

lapel wireless microphones
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