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Hi!  Thanks for visiting, and I hoped you enjoyed reading The Well.  The story is a bit fantastical, but then why should dying be any less?:).   Stay tuned for the next book, "The Flutemaker" due for release in the Summer of 2014.  

Happy New Year!

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Hello and welcome!   I grew up in the 1950's Midwest and lived in locales ranging from inner city Detroit to San Francisco to Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Salzburg, Austria.  Met my husband of 27 years on a yoga retreat in Mexico, and we were married in a hot air balloon on Thanksgiving Day.  After a full career in the travel industry, I earned my doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology, and worked in private and public sectors for about 25 years, during which I published a nonfiction resource text (under my real name), as well as chapters and articles about neuropsychology.  A few years ago I morphed into a certified Teacher-Librarian for grades K-12.  Reading and writing are passions, and I am currently completing a nonfiction self-help book, as well as more fiction titles, so stay tuned...
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