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Install Floor Register

install floor register
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install floor register - Adapter Kit
Adapter Kit to Fit 4"x12" - BROWN - Improvements
Adapter Kit to Fit 4"x12" - BROWN - Improvements
Efficiently draw heated or cooled air into specific areas of your home with a fan powered floor vent. The thermostatically controlled sensor turns on the built-in register booster fan automatically per your setting. The register booster fan replaces your existing wall or floor register and installs flush. Efficiently pull warm air into the coldest room in your home with a fan powered floor vent/wall vent. Every house has it, the room that is the coldest in winter and hottest in the summer. Now you can even the temperature in your home with the fan powered floor vent/wall vent. The AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan pulls more heated or cooled air into a specific room to provide a comfortable temperature. Our fan powered floor vent has a thermostatically controlled sensor that turns on the built-in fan automatically per your setting. The AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan replaces your existing register and installs flush with the wall or floor. Your furnace will work more efficiently, saving you money and keeping your home comfortably heated. The AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan has an ABS plastic housing, allows you control with three speeds and comes with a UL-listed AC adapter. When ordering an Airflow Breeze Register Booster Fan, please specify brown or almond. Benefits of the AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan:

75% (10)
New Orleans - French Quarter: Napoleon House
New Orleans - French Quarter: Napoleon House
The Napoleon House, alternatively known as Mayor Girod House or Nicholas Girod House at 500 Chartres Street, was built in 1797 for Nicholas Girod. Girod, who served as Mayor of New Orleans from 1812 to 1815. The popular story has it that Girod intended to offer his French Colonial townhouse to the exiled emperor Napoleon in 1821 should he escape and arrive in New Orleans. Napoleon never made it, but the name stuck, and since then has become a popular bar and cafe, serving as a haunt for artists and writers throughout the 20th century. Owned and operated by the Impastato family since 1914, the Napoleon House offers an old-time atmosphere and traditional New Orleans dishes. It is best known for serving drinks like Pimms Cups and playing classical music on the sound system. Although the architects of this 3 1/2 story stuccoed brick townhouse are unknown, Lacarrier Latour and Hyacinthe Laclotte are popularly credited with the design. The ground floor is used for commercial purposes, and the upper floors - with high ceilings - used as the principal living area, a common building style from the period. Most of the exterior openings on the second floor are double-easement doors, which give easy access to the wrought iron balconies on both sides of the house. These galleries are held up by elegant swirling wrought iron brackets. The most significant interior alteration is the addition of a wood and glass partition installed in the second floor stair hall, creating a solarium, and is not indicative of the French character of the rest of the interior. The details of the steep hip roof with French flat tiles and French-style dormers are what set the Napoleon House apart from other buildings in the French Quarter. Most notable is the octagonal cupola, which has the feel of a lookout tower. The eight-sided cupola was once opened with casement windows so that Girod could view the river and the city that he governed. Mayor Girod House National Register 70000254 (1970) Vieux Carre Historic District National Register #66000377 (1966)
Colorado - Boulder: Hotel Boulderado - cash register
Colorado - Boulder: Hotel Boulderado - cash register
This circa 1909 cash register is believed to be from Valentine Hardware, which was located on Pearl Street from 1907 to 1970. Notice the four key holes and the four coinciding lettered draws in the wooden case below the register. This system enabled clerks to keep their cash and receipts in separate drawers for ease of reconciling at the conclusion of a work shift. The Hotel Boulderado, at 2115 13th Street, originally opened on New Year's Eve, 1908 with the first guests checking in on New Year's Day 1909. Named after a combination of the words "Boulder" and "Colorado", the five-story brick building was designed in the Italianate style by Redding, William, & Son and Geranson & Beckstrom. The lobby sits under a glittering stained glass ceiling with a cantilevered cherry stairase leading to the upstairs rooms. Originally built by the Boulder Hotel Company for $131,665 using subscriptions of $100 per share from local business owners. It was privately owned until 1940 when Bill and Winnie Hutson received it as a wedding gift. In 1963, Ed Howard bought the hotel and installed a sprinkler system, saving it from condemnation. In 1976, William Brantmeyer took over ownership, replacing guest rooms with the Mezzanine lounge on the second floor. In 1980, Frank Day and Boulderado Hotel, Ltd. took over ownership and added the North Wing in 1985 and 1989. Famous guests over the years have included Enos Mills, Ethel Barrymore, Helen Keller, Rober Frost, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong. National Register #94001226 (1994)

install floor register
install floor register
ProLectrix 80-14740 Wood Trim Panel Electric Fireplace Heater
Bring the beauty and warmth of a fireplace to your living space with this stunning PROlectrix Nostalgia Mahogany Effect Wooden Panel Electric Fireplace. Now you'll be able to stay cozy and enjoy all the positive effects of a fireplace without hassle of purchasing or chopping wood yourself. Adding warmth and modern styling to your living space has never been easier than with the amazing PROlectrix Nostalgia Mahogany Effect Wooden Panel Electric Fireplace. Slim 6.25-Inch depth and included mounting hardware allow for easy wall mounting without taking up much space. With adjustable flame brightness, two different heat settings and a remote control you can transform any area into the lap of luxury.

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