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How To Choose Hardwood Floor

how to choose hardwood floor
    hardwood floor
  • Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.
  • Non-resilient flooring of maple, pecan, oak, beech, and various other hardwoods.
  • (Hardwood Floors) Engineered, pre-finished, click and laminate.
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how to choose hardwood floor - The Abominable
The Abominable Snowman (Choose Your Own Adventure #1)
The Abominable Snowman (Choose Your Own Adventure #1)
Armed with an ice ax and your mountaineering skills, you begin trekking into the Himalayan Mountains with one thing on your mind—finding the legendary Abominable Snowman! Known to the locals as a “Yeti,” your first clue is a sighting report near the Mt. Everest base camp. You're traveling with your gifted climbing buddy Carlos, but when he goes missing, the element of danger heightens. Have the Yetis captured Carlos? Should you follow the Yeti footprints away from your mangled aircraft to see where they lead? You have to find your friend, but you still want to make a Yeti discovery too!

Armed with an ice ax and your mountaineering skills, you begin trekking into the Himalayan Mountains with one thing on your mind—finding the legendary Abominable Snowman! Known to the locals as a “Yeti,” your first clue is a sighting report near the Mt. Everest base camp. You're traveling with your gifted climbing buddy Carlos, but when he goes missing, the element of danger heightens. Have the Yetis captured Carlos? Should you follow the Yeti footprints away from your mangled aircraft to see where they lead? You have to find your friend, but you still want to make a Yeti discovery too!

76% (18)
Precious Percy
Precious Percy
It's with great difficultly that I write this tribute for our most special boy, Percy. Not only is it hard to say or write those words, but equally as difficult to explain how special he was to us and what a major part he played in our lives. Percy was 8 years old when his former owners surrendered him to MMR - their loss and our gain - and I'm certain Percy would agree. The first half of his life wasn't so good. I don't think he was abused, but he was neglected. As his foster mom Bonnie said, he had no personality when he went to live with her. He blossomed into the wonderful, loving little soul that he was under her care, guidance and love - and that of her dogs - who showed him that being a dog could be fun. We met him at Broadway Barks on July 10, 2004. Bonnie had him in a shopping cart that day. My husband bent down to pet him and ended up getting a sloppy, wet kiss that sealed the deal. We went home and immediately submitted our adoption application. We knew from the first second he was the boy for us and we're forever grateful to Bonnie for choosing us to be his parents. Thanks, Bonnie, for giving us the best gift we ever received. The second half of his life, over 7 years, was with us, and I like to think that we made up for the first half. He loved us and we loved him. Percy was the most special boy and best little friend ever. He was the kindest, gentlest little soul - not a mean bone in his tiny body. All he wanted was to love and be loved. Every day was better for having him in it. Besides day to day life, we shared so many adventures together. He came with us on vacation to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Newport, the Florida Keys, Cape May . . . he was the perfect little traveling companion. Nothing made him happier than sitting on my lap in the passenger seat watching the world go by, unless he was trying to crawl across the console to get in David's lap. He went to a lot of restaurants with us, and I can't tell you the number of times we'd pass up a place that wasn't "dog friendly". If Percy was with us and wasn't allowed to sit on my lap, we'd go somewhere else. Attached is a picture of Percy shortly after we got him, summer of 2004. We took him to a bar/restaurant in the West Village, Dublin 6. We love this picture because the look on his face says "I've finally arrived". After 8 years of being mostly crated and somewhat neglected, he was content, happy, loved and doted on. What else can a dog ask for? I really can't put into words how much he meant to us. Percy is in us and part of us and nothing can take that away. We miss hearing his clicking toenails on the hardwood floors and the daily routine of caring for him and just having him around. We still have our two cats, but our house seems so empty now. Percy made our house come to life. He was the best little man. Just knowing he was there sleeping in his bed made everything alright. There's something special about adopting an older animal or one who really needs you. Percy was older and came with some health issues,and maybe a lot of people wouldn't see him as very "adoptable". His former life left him with a mouthful of rotten teeth (that MMR took care of) and compromised kidneys. We took care of him to the best of our ability until the day he died. Especially the last six months or so, he was failing. He was mostly deaf and blind, had lost most of his housebreaking skills, and at times seemed to lose his cognitive skills and wander aimlessly. But he never stopped wanting us around him. When we got the news 5 days before he died that his kidney levels were very elevated and had a couple of other issues going on, we knew our time with him was limited. Until the end, if he wasn't resting, Percy just wanted to be held. He took great comfort in our arms, as we did did holding him close. Finally, right after midnight early Monday morning, Sept. 26, 2011, Percy woke us up coughing. We were with him, and he took a few steps but couldn't hold himself up. David picked him up at 12:06 AM and he immediately died in his arms, right where he wanted to be. We believe he wouldn't let go until he felt the safety and security of our arms. He died on his terms. Our little man was a fighter, stubborn as anything, and there's nothing about him that we'd want to change. It's hard to know what else to say, except we love you and miss you Percy and always will. We also know you're never going to really leave us because you're part of us now and time can't take that away. There's a big void in our lives and our hearts that will never be replaced, but at the same time, you're still there and always will be. You were one of a kind, Percy. We will love you and cherish your memory and the memories of all the good times we shared forever. Our only regret is that those wonderful seven years went by far too quickly. Love, hugs kisses, Baby Boy. Mommy & Daddy (Debra and David)
Jon and Kate's Last Supper
Jon and Kate's Last Supper
For my Digital Art class, I was assigned to recreate the famous painting "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci through Photoshop. There are many ways I could have interpreted this assignment. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a similar scene using something most audiences can relate to. When I thought of "supper" I thought of family and when I thought literally of "last supper," I thought: the last family dinner. This thought led me to a family having their last supper together before parents get a divorce and ultimately move into new houses. In my mind, "Jon and Kate Plus 8" was the perfect situation. This is how I envisioned the Gosselin family's last supper on their last episode together as a family on their reality show. I incorporated cameramen and studio lights to reveal the "reality" behind their family and the part of the show that the viewers never see. I chose to use photos of Jon and Kate in their modern state to show that they could care less about their children and wrapped up in their own lives. I chose photos on the children that made them look anxious and confused to represent how they have been neglected by their parents. The middle figure is representing the audience of "Jon and Kate Plus 8." This person represents the true cause for the family's split. We as the audience have fed the fire to this family's problems. The more we have watched and read in the tabloids, the more we continue to pull the parents apart and support their poor decision of gaining fame. I had the figure representing the audience hiding behind and reading People magazine because it shows that we could care less about how it is affecting the family as long as we can gossip about it. On the table I put alcoholic beverages in front of the parents showing they are ready to party and be carefree about life while their kids are drinking milk like normal children should be. The food on the table is extremely unhealthy to represent how Kate tried to show that she was a good mother on the show and took proper care of her kids, yet she often brought home take out food. To create the background I brought in two layers. One being a hardwood floor from an interior of a house and the other being the bay window much like the window in the "Last Supper." I inserted the cameramen in the windows to represent the paparazzi as well as the cameramen from the show. We are looking through the perspective of the production crew on "Jon and Kate Plus 8." I used the quick selection tool to do most of the cut outs of each person but sometimes I used the pen tool for a more accurate cut. I put drop shadows on almost every item within the picture to make the image more realistic. The cameramen and the food are all scanned in images from magazines. The girl reading the magazine in the middle is a photograph I took with my camera. Da Vinci's piece comes through my work by having the center figure and surrounding followers. The original painting is supposed to represent the scene of the Last Supper from the final days of Jesus according to the Gospel of John 13:21, when Jesus announces one of his Twelve Apostles would betray him. In my piece the center figure represents the audience of Jon and Kate's show that is there to announce the ending of the show as well as the family's functionality. The children represent the confusion the Apostles had when they heard the news from Jesus. This piece of art represents how I envisioned the Gosselin family's last dinner together as a whole before the divorce.

how to choose hardwood floor
how to choose hardwood floor
Pokemon - I Choose You! Pikachu! (Vol. 1)
Ash Ketchum wants to become the best Pokemon trainer in the whole world by capturing all 150 of the known Pokemon. However, Ash must learn to get along with his first Pokemon, the cute, quirky, and high-voltage Pikachu! Join them on their journey as they learn about life, Pokemon and each other.

The eager fan of Pokemon or those curious of the phenomenon will want to get their hands on this first video. This volume includes three TV episodes "Pokemon, I Choose You!," "Pokemon Emergency!" and "Ash Catches a Pokemon," this DVD is guaranteed to please anyone who's caught up in the Pokemon phenomenon. In the Pokemon world, 10-year-olds acquire their Pokemon training license and begin their quest to catch, train, and fight these adorable creatures--all 151 of them! Our enthusiastic hero, Ash Ketchum, is determined and intensely eager to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world! Ash's closest Pokemon is the lovable Pikachu, who helps Ash fight other Pokemon and accompanies him on his quest. In these three episodes Ash meets Misty, his future traveling companion and friend, and the two of them combat Team Rocket, who will always be their arch enemy. This video includes the full-length "Pokerap," in which all 150 Pokemon are described. Followed by The Mystery of Mount Moon. --Samantha Allen Storey

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