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Hard Floor Vacuum Reviews

hard floor vacuum reviews
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Vacuum Cleaner Review - Heather Bernard, New Bedford MA - Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner Review - Heather Bernard, New Bedford MA - Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ Vacuum Cleaner
"I love my Quality Vac, I've had it for about 4 years - I have a dog and a cat and the Handy Andy's Quality Vac works wonderful" "You guys have always been very helpful and the service is wonderful" "I have area rugs and hard wood floors and it does a wonderful job on both" "My stairs, it does an awesome job, I can go from the floor to the top, I don't have to carry it up, it reaches" Heather Bernard of New Bedford MA does a review about her Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ Vacuum Cleaner, from Handy Andy's Quality Vacuum Cleaners, 1693 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford MA 02746 (508) 997-8011
New vacuum pump
New vacuum pump
This is a 2 stage vacuum pump capable of pulling a 98% Vacuum, which is more than enough for composites work. I don't know why it looks crooked but in reality it's not.

hard floor vacuum reviews
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