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Answers in Genesis
Get the answers from Genesis and expose the flaws of Darwinism and humanistic philosophy. Find out how real science supports creation, not evolution.

Blue Letter Bible
The Blue Letter Bible now has over 3,560,000 links onsite to over 165,000 pages of concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, images, and Bible versions!

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Provides information on Christianity, the Bible, cults such as Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses, Theology, Atheism, Evolution, and much more. It is well documented, very easy to navigate, and growing.

Christian Research Institute
A very good organization that has answers to just about any question about false religions, cults, and false teachers within the Church. If you want to know whether or not someone or thing lines up with what the Bible teaches, check this site out.

Home page of one of the largest Christian Web sites - providing answers to important questions about life, faith, religion, creation, worldviews, and more. It also features on-line Bible study tools, Kid Explorers, movie reviews, games...

Mark Cahill 
Mark Cahill, a powerful and dynamic speaker, teaches people how to share their faith with confidence and compassion. We highly recommend his book "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven." Check out his website!

Open Air Campaigners
Open Air Campaigners is an exciting cutting edge ministry that brings the gospel to people through open air preaching on college campuses, beaches, parks, city streets, and housing projects. They offer exciting short term mission trips in the USA and around the world.