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 "Jefferson Davis and other leaders of the South have made an army.
They are making, it appears, a navy and they have made what is more than either:
They have made a Nation!"

W.E. Gladstone, Chancellor of the Exchequer, England, October 1862

Ian Dewar BSc. President
290 Foundation (BVI) Inc. 
(East Ridings, England)

Dr John B. Clark:
(Oxford, England)

Appointment Pending:
Hon. Vice-President (UK)
Hubert Leroy:
Hon. Vice-President (EU)
(Lasne, Belgium)

Robert D. Maffitt:
Hon. Vice-President (US)
(Wilmington N.C.)

Robert Taylor, QSM:
Hon. Vice-President (AU/NZ)
(Queensland, Australia)
Chaplain Alan Farley D.D.
Hon. Chaplain 
(Lynchburg VA)
Professor Kenny Rowlette:
Hon. Chaplain 
(Lynchburg VA)

Cllr. Allison Gray MBA
Secretary & General Treasurer
(London, England)
Dr Curt Fields
(Collierville TN)
Cassie Barrow
(Griffen GA)
Len Ellison
(Liverpool England)
Raphael Waldburg


The 290 Foundation (BVI) Inc, is registered as a Charitable Foundation, incorporated under the
Provisions of International Business Companies Ordinance of the British Virgin Islands.