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Recording the Naval Histories of the American Civil War


    It gives me great pleasure to introduce the ‘290 Foundation’. a charitable enterprise that embarked on a voyage of discovery to commemorate those oft-forgotten seamen who served in the navies of the American Civil War. The Foundation borrows its title from Hull #290, a vessel built to the highest standards of British shipbuilding at the John Laird’s Shipyard at Birkenhead on the River Mersey. 'Hull #290' would later become known worldwide as the CSS Alabama.

    Much has been chronicled on the struggle that forged back and forth across the lands of America but by comparison, little is recorded of the naval activities carried out by both sides and that history has been studiously ignored. 

    'The 290 Foundation is a true repository for this history. we remain strictly non-political and non-partisan. We will not be aligned or associated with any group with idealistic or racist intent. Neither is our purpose to glorify or exaggerate the achievements and failures of this period. We simply seek to award recognition where it is due. Over two thousand six hundred seamen from Great Britain and her Empire served during this conflict and, with sailors from America and many other nations, personified the best qualities of seamanship on the oceans they sailed. They shared those same firm beliefs held in the rights guaranteed by the American Constitution and it's fair to say, these attributes remain the underpinning of our society and represent the basis on which free, democratic nations are founded today'.
    The 290 Foundation is resolved to recounting and preserving the naval history of America's Civil War or 'War between the States'. Our aim, quite simply to enable future generations to understand the motives behind the conflict and believe it is essential to press for true recognition of the service, those men from this United Kingdom and her dominions provided during those tumultuous years.

    Thank you for visiting our site, I hope you will return on future occasions and decide to become part of our endeavour!

   Ian Dewar
    Ian Dewar
    President, 290 Foundation (BVI) Inc.
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