A List of Confederate Vessels:

This list of the Confederate Navy's most prominent vessels is a 'work in progress'.
The list includes steamers and blockade runners manned or captained by CSN personnel. 
Whilst considerable care and attention is taken to ensure the information produced here is correct, we do sometimes get details wrong! If you are aware of any omissions or errors, here or in our 'Active Service' listings, please let us know immediately. Note: Ships known to have more than one name are listed below under principal name in service. ORN and other official references, occasionally list ships by type, CSR (Ram) CSP (Privateer) or CSC (Cruiser) I have simplified this to CSS.
A full listing of the Confederate Navy is recorded in the attached file. 


Admiral (C.S. Steamship, 1862)

Advance (C.S. Blockade Running Steamer, 1863-1864). Also called A.D. Vance

Alabama (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1862-1864)

Albemarle (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1864)

Alexandra (prospective C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1863)

Alvarado (Prize Bark, destroyed August 1861)

Arkansas (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1862)

Atlanta (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1863), later USS Atlanta (1864-1869)

Baltic (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1864)
Bat (Blockade Runner, 1864-1864)

Bayou City (C.S. Army Gunboat, 1861-1865)

Beauregard (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1864)

Bombshell (C.S. Navy Steamship, 1864-1864)

Calhoun (C.S. Gunboat, 1861-1862)

Capitol (C.S. Navy River Steamship, 1862-1862)

Chattahoochee (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1863-1864)

Chesapeake (Prize Steamer, captured 1863)

Chickamauga (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1864-1865)

Chicora (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1865

City of Vicksburg (C.S. Steamship, 1862-1863)

Clifton (C.S. Gunboat, 1863-1864)

Colonel Lamb (Blockade Runner, 1864)

Colonel Lovell (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1861-1862)

Columbia (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864)

Darlington (C.S. Steamship, 1861-1862)

David (C.S. Torpedo Boat, 1863-1865?). Amongst other torpedo boats of the "David" type

De Soto (C.S. Gunboat, 1861-1862)

Diana (C.S. Gunboat, 1862-1872)

Dick Keys (Steamship, active in 1861)

Ella and Annie (Blockade Running Steamship, 1861-1863). Originally named William G. Hewes

Enchantress (Prize Schooner, captured July 1861)

Florida (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1861-1864), renamed Selma in 1862.

Florida (Blockade Runner, 1862)

Florida (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1862-1864)

Fredericksburg (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1865)

Gaines (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1862-1864)

General Beauregard (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)

General Bragg (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)

General Earl Van Dorn (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)

General Lee (C.S. Army Transport, 1861(?)-1864)

General M. Jeff Thompson (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)

General Sterling Price (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1861-1862)

General Sumter (Louisiana State vessel and C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1861-1862)

George Page (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1861-1862). Possibly later renamed City of Richmond

Georgia (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1863-1864)

Georgia (C.S. Navy Ironclad Floating Battery, 1862-1864)

Georgia (C.S. Navy Cruiser). Not delivered. Became Peruvian corvette America

Governor Moore (Louisiana State vessel and C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)

Grampus (C.S. Navy River Steamship, 1862-1862)

H.L. Hunley (Submarine, 1863-1864)

Ida (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1862-1864)

Ivy (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1863)

Jackson (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1865). Also known as CSS Muscogee

Jamestown (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1862). Also known as CSS Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson Davis (C.S. Privateer Brig, 1861). Also known as Jeff Davis.

John Simonds (C.S. Army Steamship, 1862)

Kanawha Valley (C.S. Hospital Ship, 1862)

Large David (Confederate Steamship, 1865)

Lewis (Steamship, active in 1861)

Little Rebel (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)

Louisiana (C.S. Navy Ironclad, 1862)

Louisville (C.S. Army River Cargo Steamer, 1863-1863), see USS
Ouachita (1864-1865)

Mars (C.S. Transport Steamship, 1862)

Manassas (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1861)

McRae (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1861-1862) 

Midge (C.S. Torpedo Boat, 1864-1865)

Mississippi (Ironclad Turret Ship, seized while under construction in England and became HMS Wivern)

Muscogee (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1865). Also known as CSS Jackson

Nansemond (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1862-1865)

Nashville (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1861-1862). Later Blockade Runner Thomas L. Wragg and Privateer Rattlesnake

Nashville (C.S. Navy Ironclad, 1863-1865)

Neptune (C.S. Army Tug, circa 1862-1863)

North Carolina (Ironclad Turret Ship, seized while under construction in England and became HMS Scorpion)

Ohio Belle (C.S. Steamship, 1862)

Palmetto State (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1865

Patrick Henry (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1865)

Planter (C.S. Army Transport, 1862)

Prince (C.S. Transport Steamship, 1861-1862)

Queen of the West (C.S. Army Ram, 1863-1863)

Red Rover (C.S. Accomodation Ship, 1861-1862)

Rappahannock (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1863-1865)

Rattlesnake (C.S. Privateer, 1862-1863). Formerly CSS Nashville

Richmond (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1865)

Robert E. Lee (C.S. Blockade Runner, 1862-1863)

Saint Patrick (C.S. Torpedo Boat, 1864-1865)

Satellite (C.S. Tug, 1863)

Savannah (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1863-1864)

Selma (C.S. Navy Gunboat, 1861-1864), named Florida in 1861-62. Later USS Selma (1864-1865)

Shenandoah (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1864-1865)

Simonds (C.S. Army Steamship, 1862), properly called John Simonds

Stonewall (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1865)

Sumter (C.S. Navy Cruiser, 1861-1862)

Stonewall Jackson (C.S. River Defense Fleet Ram, 1862)

Teaser (C.S. Navy Armed Tug, 1861-1862). Later USS Teaser (1862-1865)

Tennessee (Steamship, 1862)

Tennessee (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1864). Later USS Tennessee (1864-1867)

Texas (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1865)

Thomas Jefferson (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1862). Also known as CSS Jamestown

Vicksburg (C.S. Steamship, 1862-1863), also called City of Vicksburg

Virginia (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1862-1862, ex-USS Merrimack)

Virginia II (C.S. Navy Ironclad Ram, 1864-1865)

Webb (C.S. Army & Navy Ram, 1862-1865)

William G. Hewes (Blockade Running Steamship, 1861-1863). Later renamed Ella and Annie

Yazoo (C.S. Transport Steamship, 1862)

Yorktown (C.S. Navy Steamer, 1861-1865). Properly called Patrick Henry
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