Directions to the Conference

Directions to the University of Scranton Psychology Conference 

Take Interstate 81 (north or south) to  Exit 185, the Central Scranton Expressway, (northbound Exit 185 is a left-hand exit). If you need directions that start a bit farther away, click here.

Follow the Central Scranton Expressway for approximately 1.5 miles down into the city. As you approach the city you have the opportunity to bear right onto a smaller road--DO NOT do this.

Stay with the main road by bearing to the left, up onto an overpass where you will merge with traffic. Ahead (and overhead) of you will be a railroad overpass. Stay in the right lane.

Just after you go under the railroad overpass there is a light (Jefferson Ave.). Make a very sharp right (see map) onto Madison Ave. immediately before this light. Some off-street parking areas are indicated on the map by red arrows.  Our similarly friendly folks at campus security have ensured us that you may park in any campus lot, providing you avoid specifically designated spots (e.g., the President's, or Campus Security's). Campus lots are indicated in gray on the map below.  The letters "BH" on the map designate Brennan Hall.  The driveway leading  to the main parking structure is just past Brennan Hall on the right.

Conference registration is in the main lobby of Brennan Hall on Madison Avenue.  It will be visible one block ahead, after the sharp right turn onto Madison Ave.  It is the University's newest building, easily identifiable by its castle-like apperance.

The map below was created to show some relevant sites for the conference.  Unfortunately, when you print the map below, you don't get any of the icons I worked so hard to put on the map.  Click the image below to interact with the map in all of its glory.  

Google Map

If you are fans of The Office, this is a little something that shows some regional, and not so regional, sites mentioned in the show.  Again, just click on the image.  

The Office