Thule hitch bike : Disk brakes for bikes : 400cc dirt bikes.

Thule Hitch Bike

thule hitch bike
  • A settlement on the northwestern coast of Greenland, founded in 1910 by Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen (1879–1933)
  • A country described by the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas (c.310 bc) as being six days' sail north of Britain, most plausibly identified with Norway. It was regarded by the ancients as the northernmost part of the world
  • An Eskimo culture existing from Alaska to Greenland c. ad 500–1400
  • the geographical region believed by ancient geographers to be the northernmost land in the inhabited world
  • a town in northwestern Greenland; during World War II a United States naval base was built there
  • Thule ( or ; from Greek ?????, Thoule), also spelled Thula, Thila, or Thyilea, is, in classical European literature and maps, a region in the far north. Though often considered to be an island in antiquity, modern interpretations of what was meant with Thule often identify it as Norway.
  • Travel by hitchhiking
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New Bike Rack
New Bike Rack
So now we have a kayak holder on the top of the car, a trailer hitch & bike rack on the back -- the only thing missing is a cowcatcher on the front. Hmmm, or maybe a snowplow attachment. It's a Thule Roadway rack (including anti-sway cages) on a Subaru hitch.
thule rack is in
thule rack is in
Just waiting on the hitch to mount to the MX-5.. and the new bike of course, which should be in any day now.

thule hitch bike
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