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Mountain Biking Maps

mountain biking maps
    mountain biking
  • Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.
  • A designated, rugged, natural surfaced, single track trail that offers a range of riding opportunities.
  • is the sport of riding bicycles in a more extreme way, although not necessarily off paved roads—trials and street riding are examples of types of mountain biking based more around urban areas. It requires endurance, bike handling skills and self-reliance.
  • Associate (a group of elements or qualities) with an equivalent group, according to a particular formula or model
  • (map) explore or survey for the purpose of making a map; "We haven't even begun to map the many galaxies that we know exist"
  • Represent (an area) on a map; make a map of
  • Record in detail the spatial distribution of (something)
  • (map) a diagrammatic representation of the earth's surface (or part of it)
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Quiraing, Skye mountain bike loop
Quiraing, Skye mountain bike loop
Start at car park at Digg. Cycle south along the road and climb up the road to the car park at the top of hill. Take singletrack at the top on the right and follow all the way back down to the road and back to your car at Digg. The descent off the countors above Loch Hasco is unridable so be prepared to scramble with your bike. This is a fantastic ride for a couple of hours, but not for the faint hearted - there is a lot of exposure and a lot of very technical sections so you need to keep your wits about you or be prepared to get off and walk (dont spoil everyones day by being unprepared and calling mountain rescue). However, it is fantastic and certainly gets the heart racing!
Globe, Canoe & Mountain Bike Cake
Globe, Canoe & Mountain Bike Cake
Another globe cake - these are getting to be quite popular. This time it was for a 60th birthday celebration, and the crowd was bigger, so this one was baked in my largest pyrex bowl. As it was so large, I was able to add more detail to the map, and added flags of significance. The lady in question was half Austrian, her son lives in Dubai, she really wants to go to Macchu Pichu in Peru and has run the New York and London Marathons. She is very sporty and enjoys canoeing and mountain biking - hence the detail at the front of the board. Really fun to make - I really enjoy these globe cakes.

mountain biking maps
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