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Dear Friends,

"Bring Back That Lenten Feeling!"

This is what one of the Chorale members posted at her Catholic school along with the concert notice for this weekend's performances of Haydn's "Seven Last Words of Christ." I appreciate the fact that it's a spoof on lyrics sung by the Righteous Brothers. And yes, in a perfect world, this concert would have taken place during Lent. Her comment made me think. Should it matter? Should we experience Lent and then forget it, along with its accompanying feelings of reflection and repentance?

I prefer to think that the different liturgical seasons help inform our life year-round. Whether it be December or March, some days are "Advent" days, some are "Lent," and some are "Epiphany" days. As we at Plymouth are being called upon to do a fair amount of reflection as we enter into a transitional phase, perhaps this weekend is a good time for a beautiful Lenten concert.

This will be one of Plymouth Chorale's largest performances of recent years. The 30-voice chorus will be joined by a 12-piece orchestra, Elna Hickson on our newly refurbished organ, and four soloists: Elizabeth Jonas, Erica Edquist, Charlie Marsh, and Jim Sampson. Each of the Seven "Words" or phrases uttered by Jesus on the cross form a separate movement of Haydn's work, with expanded lyrics from scripture. As a "bonus," Haydn's work ends with "The Earthquake."

Come listen to us shake the rafters! (And then we'll have treats.)

Donna Kummer