Vittoria Tires Usa. Mud Truck Tires For Sale

Vittoria Tires Usa

vittoria tires usa
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Central Coast Trip Winter 2008
Central Coast Trip Winter 2008
Em's new bike chilling in the motel room the night before its first real ride. I changed out the stock 20mm Vittoria Flash M tires with 28mm Pasela TGs, the stock Turbo Special perforated saddle to a women's Turbo, and the Dura Ace 8-speed 12-21 cassette to a more sensible SRAM PG-850 12-26. I like this bike a lot, it's a bit modern and a bit traditional at the same time. As seen: Early 90s 51cm Raleigh USA Team Technium 753 Reynolds 753 steel tubes bonded to aluminum lugs Reynolds 753 lugged crown fork Full Dura Ace 7400 8-speed STI group Mavic Open 4 CD hard anodized rims, DT Swiss spokes, Dura Ace 7400 Hyperglide hubs 52T-42T Dura Ace 7402 crankset 170mm SRAM PG-850 8-speed cassette 12-26 Cinelli Model 64 40cm bars Cinelli XA stem Sakae FX seatpost Women's Turbo saddle Time ATAC Cyclo pedals Panaracer Pasela TG 28mm tires
Owner: Ken Bloomer, Gunnison, CO USA
Frame: Custom Reynolds Ti Single Speed Cyclo-cross w/ custom Lime Green Flames ontop of a 3/4 White w/ Ti Pannels
Fork: Reynolds Ouzo Pro Carbon Cross Fork, Custom IF Paint
Wheels: Reynolds Stratus Carbon CX rims w/ Phil Wood Track hubs
Drivetrain: 44x19 White Industries ENO Freewheel, Front ring and Cranks
Handlebar: Reynolds Ouzo pro Carbon 44 wide bar
Brakes: Campagnolo Record carbon levers w/ Paul Components Touring Cantis Bottom bracket: Phil Wood Ti
Headset: Chris King
Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece
Seat: Fizik Arione
Tires: Vittoria EVO CX 34 Tubular mounted w/ Tufo Extreme Gluing Tape
Pedals: Crank Brothers Triple Ti Eggbeaters

Weight: 16.25 lbs/ 7.37 kg

vittoria tires usa
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