Tire Size Comparison Table

tire size comparison table
    size comparison
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Merlin / Coopers Hawk size comparison
Merlin / Coopers Hawk size comparison
I found the Coopers Hawk at the far end of our walk today. As my puppy and I were walking home, someone asked if I had seen the Kestrel on the other side of Oak Street! He was close, it was a Merlin, not a Kestrel! The Merlin is just a wee bit larger than a Kestrel. And if you need binoculars, as I do, to get a decent look at a small bird, it is easy to misidentify the two birds. I caught both birds about the same distance from me, so here they are for a size comparison. I did a similar comparison of a Red-tailed Hawk and an American Kestrel last December. The Coopers Hawk is about 16 inches, the Merlin is about 10 inches. The Red-tailed Hawk is about 19 inches, the Kestrel is about 9 inches. Ralston Creek Trail, 2-10-10.
Canon Powershot SD1000 size comparisons
Canon Powershot SD1000 size comparisons
A few days ago, I promised a size comparison on my new camera. It literally fits in my purse and I can carry it with me at all times. It is within the footprint of an iTunes gift card.

tire size comparison table
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