Rim Tire Calculator

rim tire calculator
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Spoke Calculator correction factors
Spoke Calculator   correction factors
Back side of the spoke length calculator. This is a slide rule type tool made of a cardboard sleeve and movable insert. This was distributed through Ron Kitching in the UK. The calculations were based on Howard Sutherland's manual for bicycle mechanics, which spread the data over charts covering several pages. The "correction factors" presented on the back of this calculator would apply the basic calculations of this tool to any of the more common rims of the late 1970s. Seeing the now legendary names such as Martano, Nisi, Fiamme and AVA may raise our nostalgia weighted eyebrows, but they were once among the most common marques available. The "Sprint" rims shown in the 700c listings are for Tubular or Sew-up tires.

rim tire calculator
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