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Continental Tires Sport Contact 2

continental tires sport contact 2
    continental tires
  • (Continental tire) A Continental tire is an upright, external, mounted spare tire behind an automobile's trunk compartment. The term also describes a non-functional bulge that is stamped into the trunk lid or a cosmetic accessory to the rear of the car giving the impression of a spare tire mount.
  • (Continental Tire) Continental AG , internally often called Conti for short, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of tires, brake systems, vehicle stability control systems, engine injection systems, tachographs and other parts for the automotive and transport industries.
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Continental Tire Bridge, Mosport
Continental Tire Bridge, Mosport
Mosport historians will immediately recognize that this "vintage" treatment is bogus. The bridge used to (a) look different, (b) not be branded with Continental Tire signage, and (c) be in a different location entirely - more or less where I was standing when I took this photo, I believe. Looking up-track at turn 4, on the way back to the car at the end of a great day of racing and photography.
Audi in Spring
Audi in Spring
Original. I tried messing with this image in photoshop but even with the enhancements and cool versions I came up with, the original holds it's intrinsic value. About the car: 1996 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8L V6 12 valve. Lowered with HR sport springs and Koni shock absorbers. 17" Konig 7 spoke wheels, 235 40ZR 17 Continental Extreme Contact tires. Cat back exhaust, K&N air filter.

continental tires sport contact 2
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