Replace Bicycle Tube

replace bicycle tube
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"Pinky" Seven Axiom Steel was my first new bike in over 10 years. It replaced my 1994 Davidson 29'er (fit 700x45 panaracer smokes) Touring bicycle that I designed and Mark Bulgier built. Built for randonneur, century rides. This frame is basically stock 50cm geometry with an 8 degree slope top tube, strectched chainstays, long reach brakes with clearance for 700x28s with fenders. Front fork is custom made to seven spec's by Independent Fabrication. My first road bike with index shifting, as early as the late 80's my fellow shop workers were calling me a retro grouch. It seems that now its cool to be a "grouch"...... time for click shifting.
3Rensho Katana-S
3Rensho Katana-S
The frameset was from Yellow Jersey in Madison, WI. It's the same tubing as the higher end models, but the lugwork isn't as fancy. Since the photo was taken, the crankset was replaced with a polished Stronglight compact. I suppose that one of these days I ought to find a Suntour Superbe groupset for it....

replace bicycle tube
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