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Shimano Carbon Wheels

shimano carbon wheels
  • Shimano, Inc. is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle, and snowboarding equipment.
  • The Japanese company that's the worldwide leading manufacturer of bicycle components. Founded by Shozaburo Shimano in 1922.
  • The leading manufacturer of bicycle parts. Shimano has come to dominate the industry, and to have a near monopoly on many parts categories.
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shimano carbon wheels - Easton EC90
Easton EC90 TKO Carbon Road Bike Wheel Set (700c, Shimano)
Easton EC90 TKO Carbon Road Bike Wheel Set (700c, Shimano)
Made with Easton precision these wheels stand out in the road and TT world. Great acceleration and aerodynamics. Track is a very specific discipline and ita?TMs growing in popularity once again. It seems that not much technology is going into the development for track wheels so Easton engineers, noticing this, developed a great new wheel set. All-new R4 TKO hubs are not like anything available. Aluminum cogs mount to the rear hub via a splined design and are then secured on with a lock ring versus the more common way of threading them on. These hand-built wheels are very stiff, strong and offer great handling under the incredible loads commonly found in track. FEATURES - Wheel size - 700C Weight - 700C - Front: 710 g, Rear 850 g, Pair: 1560 g Hubs - R4 TKO F/R - Black anodized finish. Precision-sealed cartridge bearings with asymmetrical, low-drag seals. Splined cog mounting systemTool-free bearing preload adjustment front and rear. Cogs - Supplied: 14, 15, 16 T track cogs a?" 1/2 x 1/8a?? chain compatible Also available individually: 13, 17, 18 T cogs Rims - Gen4 Easton carbon aero tubular. 56 mm front & rear. Spokes - Sapima"? DB 2.0/1.7/2.0 stainless steel, black Spoke Count - 20 front, 28 rear Nipples - Internal black anodized aluminum front & rear.

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Shimano XTR BR-M975 Disc Brake Caliper
Shimano XTR BR-M975 Disc Brake Caliper
Shimano XTR BR-M975 Disc Brake Caliper, felt nine, 36t & 26t bash guard, bontrager 29er duster, marzocchi bomber, shimano xt m755 front caliper, shimano xtr 975 brake rear levers, mavic 719 wheel, raceface next carbon seatpost, raceface next carbon handle bar
My Specy Tarmac 2010
My Specy Tarmac 2010
Specialized Carbon frame fact 8r - Shimano Ultegra 10v groupset - Shimano RS80 carbon wheels - San Marco Apide Arrowead carbon fx 118g - Kcnc Scandium TI pro lite seatpost

shimano carbon wheels
shimano carbon wheels
Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7850-C24 Carbon Wheelset - Tubular One Color, 700c
Shimano built the Dura-Ace WH-7850-C24 Carbon Tubular Wheelset to do everything, and do it well. Shimano's sub-1260-gram wheelset uses a carbon-reinforced aluminum rim to improve stopping power and increase rim lifewhile still exploiting the lightweight, road-dampening properties of carbon fiber. The DA WH-7850 wheelset also features a slightly wider 22mm rim for a rounder cross section, resulting in better cornering, less pinch flats and uncompromised lateral stiffness. Training or racing, the DA WH-7850 C24 Wheelset offers the reliability and longevity of aluminum with the performance of carbon fiber, resulting in a wheel cocktail so tasty Frank Sinatra had a set on his machine.

Product Features
Material: aluminum, carbon fiber
Rim Width: 20.8 mm
Rim Depth: 24 mm, 28 mm
Front Spoke Count: 16
Front Hub: Dura-Ace
Rear Spoke Count: 20
Rear Hub: Dura-Ace
Spoke Material: stainless steel
Spoke Nipple Material: aluminum
Skewers: aluminum
Axle Type: 108 mm, 141 mm
Brake Compatibility: rim
Front Weight: 527 g
Rear Weight: 727 g
Complete Set Weight: 1254 g
Recommended Use: racing, training
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year