Program (almost definitive)


Wednesday, April 13

9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30-10:10 R. Etxepare (IKER-CNRS, UMR 5478) & M. Uribe Etxebarria University of the Basque Country): On constituent negation

10:10-10:50 E. Chernova (Universitat de Girona): Interrogative enclitic li in light of Q-based theory

10:50-11:30 M. Frascarelli (Università di Roma Tre) & A. Jiménez (University of sevilla): How partial can a language be? Comparing interface restrictions on Topic chains


12:00-12:40 J. Mursell (Goethe University Frankfurt): Syntactic association with focus.

12:40 Invited speaker. C. Picallo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): Imperfections


16:10-16:50 P. Lorusso (Università di Firenze) & L. Franco (Universidade Nova de Lisboa): Patterns of agreement with embedded NPs

16:50-17:30 Neda Todorovic (University of Connecticut): Aspect in Serbian and how it interacts with the future

Break/Poster Session

Michaela Russo (Lyon III Univ./CEL EA 1663 & UMR 7023 CNRS Paris 8) & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (Lyon University/ CEL EA 1663 Lyon III & UCL London): Phonological weakening in the initial position of Southern Italian. Is it really lenition?

Adina C. Bleotu (University of Bucharest): The issue of parasynthesis in generative Grammar. A look at în verbs in Romanian

18:00-18:40 J. Tan (CSIC): Embeddability of the Tagalog reportative daw

Thursday, April 14

9:30-10:10 Z. Zato: Gradable nominalizations in Spanish

10:10-10:50 M. Masià: Adjectives of completion as maximality modifiers of eventive nominalizations

10:50-11:30 S. Alexeyenko & A. Fábregas: A syntactico-semantic analysis of invariable adjectives


12:00-12:40 A. Gallego: The EPP revisited under labeling theory

12:40 Invited speaker. P. Barbosa The role of Agr and the mode of composition of subjects in consistent Null Subject Languages


16:10-16:50  G. Bellucci, L. dal Pozzo, L. Franco & R. Manzini: Locatives, part and whole in Uralic

16:50-17:30 R. Gonçalves, I. Duarte & T. Hagemeijer: Revisiting dative constructions - a VP-shell based approach


17:50-18:30 A. Alcaraz: The Spurious vs. dative problem

18:30-19:10 Y. Fukutomi: A condition on juxtapossed interrogative clauses

Friday, April 15

9:30-10:10 P. Colomina: PCC effects in Eastern Iberian clitic clusters

10:10-10:50 J. Vega, M. Navarro & S. Fischer: The clitic doubling cycle. A diachronic reconstruction

10:50-11:30 A. Cerrudo: Cyclic Spell-Out and parenthetical clauses: A case study in Romance.


12:00-12:40 J. Bernstein, F. Ordóñez & F. Roca: Personal determiners as classifiers

12:40 Invited speaker. S. Gumiel & I. Pérez (Universidad de Alcalá): Reducing phenomena: the relative/absolute distinction and the grammar of adjectives in Spanish

Trip to Sierra de Gata*

Saturday, April 16

Two talks (t.b.a.), and a meeting with fala speakers


Trip back to Cáceres

*Places are limited. If you are interested, please let us know. Trip and accomodation to Sierra de Gata are provided by the organization at no expenses. Trip takes approximately one hour and a half.
Juan Romero,
Apr 1, 2016, 5:12 AM