This is the home of our 2600 Australia hacks, pet projects and hobby/research/activities.

The projects are categorised for the time being on a per-state basis, where there is an individual page per each project.
Each project should have an administrator allocated to it that can maintain the project's page. The same person can manage multiple projects also, or there can be more than one administrator per project. You are encouraged to give your project an interesting name :)

When defining a project, try and provide as much information as possible including any :
  • Goals/objectives
  • How to get involved or if closed membership and just want to epeen about it
  • Participation requirements if any
  • Time/location
  • Updated news / status
  • Pix/files/attachments
  • Members/roles
  • Cost/Funding/Kickstarter url
  • Details/external webpage if any
  • etc

If you are a member of the list and would like to list your project, please contact the mailing list.

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