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online fashion college
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online fashion college - 2011-2012 Daily
2011-2012 Daily Fashion Day Planner Organizer Agenda (August 2011 Through July 2012)- Paisley Bird
2011-2012 Daily Fashion Day Planner Organizer Agenda (August 2011 Through July 2012)- Paisley Bird
The 2011-2012 Plan-It Daily Planner Aug-July (August 2011 through July 2012 only) (5.25" X 8.25") includes: 1) Weekly planner pages 2) Monthly "Plan ahead" spread at the beginning of each month including fashion tips, beauty tips and inspirational quotes! 4) 2011 "year at a glance" printed on the front inside cover 5) 2012 "year at a glance" printed on the back inside cover 6) Personal Info, Class Schedule, Addresses, Notes and Frequently Called Numbers pages 7) Holidays and Daylight savings time integrated into the calendar section. We are a National Publisher of Daily Planners and created these "fashionable" versions because our customers asked AND...WE LISTENED! We wanted to offer them to customers outside of our college bookstore network. Our company specializes in Daily Planners...yes...just Daily planners! So have FUN this year and PLAN FOR IT in a Plan-It Daily Planner! PLEASE CHECK out our other Plan-It cover designs by clicking on the "Plan-It" link above the star rating near the top of the listing. Thank you so much and we really appreciate your business!!!

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Shirt Detail:
Shirt Detail:
She discovers the pieces cannot be viewed as individuals but as a whole. A list of fashion items and their prices grows from one blouse to the next until it nearly covers the entire surface. These items were collected directly from profiles on online fashion community sites. Shirt text reads: According to U.S. P.I.R.G., the average American college senior now racks up more than $2,500 in credit card debt by the time they receive their diploma.
St. Scholastica's College : SCHOLASTICAN
St. Scholastica's College : SCHOLASTICAN
Interior Designer: Areej Nunez SSC Manila / KULASA St. Scho. Manila 2008-2009 Home Depot Exhibit Fort Bonifacio Saint Scholastica's College Manila

online fashion college
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