Vintage flower hair accessories. White gerbera bouquet

Vintage Flower Hair Accessories

vintage flower hair accessories
    hair accessories
  • (Hair accessory) Headgear, headwear or headdress is the name given to any element of clothing which is worn on one's head.
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vintage flower hair accessories - Vintage Style
Vintage Style White Crochet Base Wedding Fascinator Hat with Flowers , Beads & Long Veil
Vintage Style White Crochet Base Wedding Fascinator Hat with Flowers , Beads & Long Veil
White Hand Crochet Wedding Cockktail Hat. This hat or headpiece starts out with 3" crochet base and is decorated with beads, ribbon, flowers ect. All white. Finished with a white tulle veil. A 2 1/2" comb on the back side holds the hat to your hair. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION You are purchasing a handmade hat. This hat is made by a human hand and a crochet hook, not on a loom, machine. Flowers and hats are made as shown in the picture but are subject to artist interpretation. Your PC may not reflect the exact color of yarn I used to make the item. SEE MY OTHER HATS in my store lisings

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Vintage Pink and Purple Rhinestone Flower Headband
Vintage Pink and Purple Rhinestone Flower Headband
This lovely little headband is intricately designed, yet so delicate and feminine. I have taken a vintage 1950's brooch and soldered it securely (using lead free solder) to a 5 mm gold headband to create a much more modern and practical hair accessory. This beautiful brooch has an atomic starburst shape to it with lots of little "arms" that either have purplish blue rhinestones on the end of them or small pink plastic flowers with clear rhinestone centers. The brooch measures 1 5/8" across and is very one else will ever own a headband like this one!
L'Actrice - Brown Velvet Vintage Flower Headband
L'Actrice - Brown Velvet Vintage Flower Headband
Create a dramatic mood with this lush vintage style flower. "La Actice" is a luxurious, tactile beauty made of creased brown velvet and ebony fabric petals. Mahogany feathers give a touch of old time glamour while the velvet ribbon wrapped headband allows for soft comfort against your skin. Ideal for dressing up a sweater and jeans or enhancing an elegant winter dress. ================================================== Flower: 4 inches wide x 7 inches long

vintage flower hair accessories