Boys Before Flower 2

boys before flower 2
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boys before flower 2 - Boys Over
Boys Over Flowers Vol. 1
Boys Over Flowers Vol. 1
TheBoys Over Flowers phenomenon comes to America! Join Jandi and the Boys of F4 as they learn the true meaning of friendship and love in the hit comedy sweeping across Asia. Jandi is a brave high school girl who fights for the rights of others no matter the cost. When she defends a friend against the elite Boys of F4 (Flower 4), they target Jandi as their next victim. But nothing stops Jandi. She fights back and wins the admiration of the extravagantly wealthy boys. In a comedy filled with entanglements and adventure, Jandi never stops helping others. And F4 never stops rescuing her! The Boys of F4 may be loyal to each other, but they all lose their hearts to Jandi. Boys Over Flowers is based on the hugely popular Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango, by Yoko Kamio. The Korean TV adaptation dominated the ratings and continues to win fans with its combination of laughter, thrills and romance. On DVD with English subtitles.

88% (14)
F4 - Hana Yori Dango
F4 - Hana Yori Dango
HANA YORI DANGO Makino Tsukushi e uma garota de 16 anos que estuda em uma escola da elite japonesa, a Eitoku Gakuen. Mas seu desejo e sair dessa escola. O principal motivo e que ela e pobre, e sua mae a mandou para essa escola para que ela pudesse arranjar um marido rico e tirar sua familia da pobreza, objetivo com o qual ela nao concorda de jeito nenhum. Para fazer esses 2 anos passarem o mais rapido possivel ate terminar os estudos, Tsukushi quer se manter no anonimato, longe de tudo que seja complicado. Mas por causa de sua personalidade forte, que nao gosta de ver coisas erradas e que sempre procurar ajudar as pessoas, Makino comeca a se sentir mal por ver as atrocidades cometidas na escola, principalmente as cometidas pelos F4, e ter que ficar quieta. Os F4 (Doumyouji Tsukasa, Hanazawa Rui, Nishikado Soujiro e Mimasaka Akira) sao os caras mais ricos de toda Eitoku, eles mandam na escola, ditam as regras, mandam nos diretores, professores e alunos. Eles andam pela escola sem usar uniformes e faltam as aulas sempre. Sao chamados de F4 ou Flower Four, algo como quatro flores. Pode parecer estranho, mas no Japao isso nao atenta contra a masculinidade de ninguem. Faz referencia a sua beleza, juventude e riqueza. Eles estao sempre maltrando os outros colegas, pisando em todos. Se alguem fizer algo para desagrada-los, cai em desgraca e sera marcado com uma tarja vermelha, sendo perseguido por toda a escola ate ter que sair do colegio. A vida de Tsukushi muda drasticamente quando ela salva sua unica amiga, que sem querer acaba dando uma trombada no chefe do F4, Doumyouji Tsukasa. Makino defende sua amiga da furia dos F4 e enfrenta Doumyouji, coisa que ninguem tinha coragem de fazer, e a partir dai os F4 lhe declaram guerra, transformando-a em paria dentro do colegio. Mas Makino acaba ainda atraindo a atencao de Doumyouji. De alguma forma, ele gostou de ser desafiado por ela, por que sera? Mas quem chama a atencao de Makino e Hanazawa Rui. Ele e o unico dos 4 rapazes que parece se importar com os outros, e nao ser esnobe e prepotente. Tsukushi sempre encontra com Rui quando corre para a escada de incendio, lugar onde corre para estravasar a tensao ou a frustracao de estar naquele ninho de viboras. Assim a historia comeca...
2 adorable cabbage patch boys in the top of the can
2 adorable cabbage patch boys in the top of the can
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boys before flower 2
boys before flower 2
Boys Over Flowers - Declaration of War (Vol. 1)
Tsukushi Makino’s only wish is to peacefully graduate from rich and snobbish Eitoku High. When her friend gets in trouble with the F4 – wealthy, good-looking bullies at her school – her priorities change. When the F4 is against her, so is everybody. Now, Tsukushi’s school life is all about fighting the F4 and survive their horrible bullying.

Although she comes from a middle-class family, Tsukushi Makino is a sophomore at Eitoku Academy, an elite school for children of the rich and materialistic. The student body is dominated by the F4 or "Flower Four," the richest boys in the school. Tsukushi is smitten with one of the quartet: Rui, a languid violinist who's alternately kind and aloof. But she attracts the attention of Tsukasa, the leader of the clique. One minute, Tsukasa and his friends are cruelly harassing Tsukushi; the next, they're rescuing her because she's willing to stand up to them. The story suffers from serious gaps (how Tsukushi got into Eitoku is never explained) and a major disconnect from reality. In "No Brand Girl," Tsukasa kidnaps Tsukushi, takes her to his house--and has her given a ?420,000 ($3,600) make-over. Maybe it's believable in Japan. (Rated 13 and older: brief nudity, minor profanity, violence) --Charles Solomon