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25th Anniversary Flower

25th anniversary flower
  • Anniversary is a compilation album by Pentangle. It was released in 1992, the 25th anniversary of the formation of the band, on the German label Hypertension HYCD 200 123. A special feature of this album is "Come sing Me A Happy Song". According to the website http://www.bertjansch.com/disco.
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  • Bethesda Baptist Church - Chicago, Illinois (December 1944)
25th anniversary flower - The Roses:
The Roses: The Complete Plates (Taschen 25th Anniversary)
The Roses: The Complete Plates (Taschen 25th Anniversary)
TASCHEN's 25th anniversary - Special edition! The refined and revered tradition of botanical illustration, produced under aristocratic patronage, stretches back to the Renaissance. It emerged out of the desire to catalogue nature in all its wild splendour, and it was a process that demanded the most precise and skilful of artists. French flower painter Pierre-Joseph Redout? is often viewed as one of the last and the best of these painters and engravers. Commissioned by among others, Napoleon's Josephine, Redout? studied with the finest flower painters in France and Amsterdam, and developed a breathtaking skill at translating his observations of nature onto paper. His illustrations of the botanical alphabets of D.-M. Guillamain were a landmark in flower painting for their accuracy and beauty. He was also an innovator in the techniques of printing, introducing "stipple-engraving" to France, always striving for greater exactitude in his art. This is a glorious and completely faithful reproduction of his most celebrated work Les Roses, which was published in three volumes between 1817 and 1824. In Les Roses he turns his attention to that most romantic and evocative of subjects, and this handsome volume preserves every detail of Redout?'s masterful representation of nature's gifts. "Splendid roses of timeless beauty. A jewel, and not just for rose-lovers." Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany

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Silver and White 25th Anniversary cake
Silver and White 25th Anniversary cake
Made this for a friends cousin celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary. She wanted something with silver in it and wanted it to be traditional and elegant looking. Its a 10 inch round and a 6 inch round. All decorated with MMF and the piping on the bottom tier was done with royal icing. The ribbon around the cake and the bow was made with a technique I had seen on Amazing Wedding Cakes once. I finally had an excuse to try it! I rolled out the MMF, cut the strips and then brushed a thin layer of royal icing on them. Then I covered them with coarse sparkly sugar. I love that shimmery look. You can see it better in the next picture which is close up. I originally intended to then brush the ribbon with silver luster dust mixed with vodka but ended up really loving it white. I did do a test piece with the silver and it looked really nice. I would love to do this again on another cake, I am thinking some sort of winter wonderland type cake with snowflakes and all shimmery.
25th Wedding Anniversary
25th Wedding Anniversary
Made this for a 25th wedding anniversary. The open rose was made in my flower making class. Top tier is white choc mud, middle tier is choc mocha mud, and bottom tier is dummy. Silver bow, band and disc, are all fondant and brushed with silver lustre.

25th anniversary flower
25th anniversary flower
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