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Posted February 17, 1997 by Steven L. Driskell.

9. Masonic Lodges in the Army by Captain Wilson P. Howell

The winter we were in camp at Dalton, Georgia, a number of Masonic Lodges were organized, the Grand Lodge of Alabama having granted dispensations authorizing their being established in the Alabama Regiments.

Among those then organized, was in the 28th Alabama Regiment, General Mangoe's (?) Brigade who were in camp near our Brigade (General Deas).  The lodge in the 28th Alabama was known as John C. Reid Lodge.  And in this lodge I was made a Mason in the first part of '64.

Captain Ford of that regiment was Worshipful Master and the lodge was named for the well known Colonel John C. Reid of that regiment.  Captain Ford, I believe, was from Marion in Perry County.

That lodge hall was built by cutting long logs 40 feet long, I suppose, and building it one story and chinking and doubing it. And quite a number were made masons there.  There was also a Lodge established after that in our Brigade known as Zach Deas Lodge which done an amount of masonic work that winter.  I don't now remember who were the officers of that Lodge.

The Georgia campaign opened in the spring and I think the dispensation and records of John C. Reid Lodge were lost and there were no meetings of the Lodge after we left Dalton.  Some years after the war, the Grand Lodge of Alabama passed suitable provisions for the army made masons to get membership in their home lodges.