In 1904 W. P. Howell began to compile from memory, a history of the 25th Alabama Infantry as requested by Thomas M. Owen, then Director of the Alabama Archives.  According to the archives, this narrative was never published.  It is my hope, with this manner of publication, to honor the work by Captain Howell.

Although written some 40 years after the war, it is interesting to read what a man will recall with such detail.  Such detail can be found during the Chattanooga Campaign, where he reflects at length, his meeting with a man sentenced to die for execution.

In addition to the narrative, I have included Company Rosters of 807 men who served with the 25th Alabama, with many of the names having a remark.  If you find a name missing or incorrectly spelled, please forgive me and correct me.

All of the documents were obtained from the Alabama Department of Archives & History.  See contract regarding publishing.  If you wish to correct or submit further information regarding the 25th Alabama, please contact me at

Steven L. Driskell
February 18, 1997 

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