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The following list includes names originating from company rosters, letters and various newspaper reports.
There was no date on most of the rosters, however I believe these to be from the first year of the war.
Additional information or corrections welcome.

Company I [11]
25th Alabama Regiment
Calhoun County, Alabama

Name                      Rank       Remark

Alexander, Mathew         Captain    Resigned
Howell, Wilson Parks      Captain    Commanding [15], wounded at Atlanta & Bentonville
Borden, W.J.              2nd Lt
Smith, M.H.               2nd Jr Lt

Sullivan, P.J.            1st Sgt
Gibson, A.W.              2nd Sgt
Roper, C.W.               3rd Sgt    Killed [15], [16]
Wood, J.                  4th Sgt
Kerr, W.B.J.              5th Sgt
Grubbs, J.P.                  Sgt    Wounded, slightly [15]

Pitchford, E.W.           1st Cpl
Brown, S.H.               2nd Cpl
Parker, S.A.              3rd Cpl
Roberts, H.               4th Cpl

Waddle, M.D.              Drummer
Grubbs, J.H.              Fifer

Abney, G.W.               Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Abney, H.                 Private
Abney, J.A.               Private
Abney, W.J.               Private
Alexander, W.J.           Private
Arrington, J.             Private
Brown, G.W.               Private
Brown, J.M.               Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Busby, E.L.               Private
Busby, J.L.               Private
Busby, Thompson E.        Private
Cates, W.J.               Private
Carpenter, A.A.           Private
Castle, J.H.              Private
Clarke, Robert A.         Private
Clopton, J.L.             Private
Coppock, Asbury           Private    Died of illness, see Battle of Corinth
Davis, E.J.               Private
Dean                      Private
Donaldson, W.S.           Private
Donaldson, W.             Private
Dowd, George W.           Private    Wounded, Chickamauga. Pension record courtesy of Anthony Underwood.
Duke, Charles J.          Private    Died February 11, 1862 at Camp Memminger [Timothy Yuhas]
Duke, Thomas Allen        Private    Son of Charles J. Duke [Timothy Yuhas]
Dye, J.B.                 Private
Elrod, L.M.               Private
Eubanks, Lewis J.         Private    [20]
Ezell, J.W.               Private    Wounded, mortally [15]
Ford, J.M.                Private
Foster, W.J.              Private
Gentry, Seabron J.        Private
Hardin, G.W.              Private
Hardin, Jonathan          Private
Heurston, J.L.            Private
Heurston, J.M.            Private
Howell, A.M.              Private
Hudgins, G.W.             Private
Manus, Hamilton           Private
Mayo, W.H.                Private
McCoy, A.W.               Private
Meadows, T.M.             Private
Moles, J.C.               Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Motis, King C.            Private
Nelson, J.H.              Private
Parker, J.A.              Private
Perry, M.K.               Private
Phillips, Sidney E.       Private    Killed [15]
Pitchford, E.E.           Private
Pitchford, E.F.           Private
Pollard, A.               Private
Pollard, A.B.             Private
Pool, Wiley A.            Private    Wounded, seriously [15]
Price, John               Private
Roberts, D.P.             Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Roberts, Nathan           Private
Roper, Asa                Private
Shipp, W.P.               Private
Smith, J.M.               Private
Smith, J.W.               Private
Smith, Manuel             Private
Spradlin, W.E.            Private
Stephenson, C.C.          Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Stephenson, W.A.J.        Private
Story, M.A.               Private
Vaughn, H.H.              Private
Waddell, B.J.             Private    Wounded [Battle of Shiloh]
Waddle, J.A.              Private
Wilkinson, J.M.           Private
Wilkinson, Robert         Private
Wilson, J.N.              Private