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The following list includes names originating from company rosters, letters and various newspaper reports.
There was no date on most of the rosters, however I believe these to be from the first year of the war.
Additional information or corrections welcome.

Company H [10]
25th Alabama Regiment
Lawler Invincibles
Talladega and St. Clair Counties, Alabama

Name                      Rank       Remark

Turner, Edwin C.          Captain

Baker, Robert B.          1st Lt
Allen, R.P.               2nd Lt     Wounded, slightly [13]
Spence Jr., William       2nd Lt     Wounded, slightly [15]

Stringfellow, Robert      2nd Sgt    Wounded, slightly [13]
Russell, Gabriel H.       3rd Sgt
Lawler, Levi R.           4th Sgt
Sims, Charles M.          5th Sgt
Williams, J.B.            Sgt        Wounded, slightly [13]

Risener, Pinckney         1st Cpl
Cowan, Harrison           2nd Cpl
Bittle, George W.         3rd Cpl
Limbaugh, William R.      4th Cpl

Fraser, Hezckiah          Fifer
Handy, Aquila G.          Drummer

Abels, Ezekial            Private
Acker, Henry P.           Private
Acroft, Thomas            Private    Dead, name crossed out on roster [10]
Baldwin, Andrew J.        Private
Baldwin, Oliver P.        Private
Cann, William F.          Private
Cannady, Franklin         Private
Connelly, James Mc C.     Private
Cowan, Joel               Private
Daffron, Berry H.         Private    [01.04.2009]
Daffron, Ceieru           Private
Davis, Basil Van          Private
Davis, William M.         Private
Devaughan, McDuffie       Private
Eidson, James D.          Private
Elgin, Robert M.          Private
Frasier, James            Private
Freeman, Elijah R.        Private
Funderburk, Jonas         Private
Gray, Elias N.            Private
Groce, Jared E.           Private    Wounded, slightly [13]; wounded, slightly [15]
Hall, Charles             Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Harmon, Jackson           Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Harrison, John P.         Private
Hays, Thomas J.           Private
Hazlewood, Richard M.     Private    [16]
Johnson, Albert           Private
Jordan, Green             Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Jordan, J.                Private    Missing [15]
Linton, Henry             Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
McClellan, Haddy T.       Private
McKennily, Reese H.       Private
Martin, Danl. G.          Private
May, Talbert              Private
Morgan, Samuel            Private
Perry, Ira                Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Patterson, Elias J.       Private
Pledger, James E.         Private
Price, James C.           Private
Rich, Thomas L.           Private
Roberts, Jeptha W.        Private
Roberts, Josiah O.        Private
Scott, James S.           Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Smith, Mark               Private
Smith, Henry J.           Private    Dead
Smith, James H.           Private
Sparks, Abner E.          Private
Sparks, William H.        Private
Steinhardt, Abraham       Private
Stone, Moses F.           Private
Stone, John R.            Private    Missing [15]
Watson, Albert G.         Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Watson, James T.          Private
Welch, Isham              Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
White, James G. A.        Private
Wood, Green               Private    Killed [13]