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The following list includes names originating from company rosters, letters and various newspaper reports.
There was no date on most of the rosters, however I believe these to be from the first year of the war.
Additional information or corrections welcome.

Company G [9]
25th Alabama Regiment
Hillabee Highlanders also called Hillabee Volunteers
Talladega County, Alabama

Name                      Rank       Remark

Patterson, A.A.           Captain    
Slaughter, T.G.           1st Lt     2nd Lt, commanding [13]; wounded, dangerously [13]; Shiloh [14]
Bradford, Silas P.        2nd Lt

McRay, J.A.               1st Sgt
Smith, P.H.               2nd Sgt    Shiloh [14] [16]
Evans, J.J.               3rd Sgt
Bailey, J.S.              4th Sgt
Mizzel, J.H.              5th Sgt

Smith, S.J.               1st Cpl    Wounded, slightly [13]
Barkley, J.S.             2nd Cpl
McNeill, A.S.             3rd Cpl
Smith, J.D.               4th Cpl    Wounded, slightly [13]

Lowery, J.W.              Drummer

Albright, J.F.            Private
Ashcraft, A.H.            Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Beck, G.B.                Private
Bailey, A.B.              Private
Birght, Wm.               Private    Wounded, dangerously [13]
Brooks, J.W.              Private
Carmichael, M.            Private
Christian, W.G.D.         Private    Wounded, dangerously [13]
Dameron, J.T.             Private
Dameron, T.J.             Private
Dameron, H.E.             Private
Delahey, A.M.             Private
Duke, M.L.                Private
East, A.J.                Private
Evans, Henry M.           Private
Evans, E.W.               Private
Harlan, J.H.              Private
Harlan, J.T.              Private
Harper, D.J.              Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Harper, T.H.              Private    Wounded, severely [13]
Howell, P.E.              Private
Jinks, R.P.               Private
Kitchings, J.H.B.         Private
Keahay, Wm.               Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Keahey, J.G.              Private
Little, W.A.              Private
Lumpkin, G.O.             Private
Mabry, T.A.               Private
Moore, R.H.               Private
Moore, Wm. H.             Private    Wounded, severely [13]
Mountain, Robert F.       Private
McDairmin, M.J.           Private    Living or dead unknown [9]
McNeil, W.F.              Private    Living or dead unknown [9]
McNeil, W.H.              Private
McPhail, J.L.M.           Private
Munroe, Calvin J.C.       Private    [Glenn Milner]
Murdock                   Private    Living or dead unknown [9]
Sinclair, J.G.            Private
Smith, J.H.               Private
Smith, J.W.               Private
Smith, H.H.               Private
Smith, Powell             Private
Spencer, J.M.             Private
Street, G.W.              Private
Street, W.J.              Private
Thomas, J.A.              Private
Varnum, James K. (2)      Private    Killed [13]
Wheller, B.F.             Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Williams, D.S.            Private    Living or dead unknown [9]
Williams, S.G.            Private
Williamson, P.G.          Private
Wilson, J.A.              Private
Wilson, J.R.              Private
Wright, Wm.               Private    Living or dead unknown [9]
Wright, W.D.              Private